royroadfishcompany's Shop Announcement

Hi, my name is John and the street I live on is Roy Road, hence the name ROY ROAD FISH COMPANY.... Working in a small shed in my backyard on Whidbey Island, I create quality, unique, handcrafted items. My favorite materials are driftwood, and recycled wood and metal. Given this, none of my products are absolutely perfect. They all have some kind of imperfection, which makes each piece "one of a kind."

That said, I pay great attention to detail, filling nail holes, hand sanding wood to a smooth finish, and sealing (when needed) with non-toxic materials.

Almost everything I make is simple and useful, designed to fit well in rustic homes like mine - my items may not be absolutely necessary, but they are ultimately practical. Even my hummingbird hats!

I'm always thinking up new designs, so bookmark my page to check it regularly. You never know what kind of item may show up next week!

And about that "Hummingbird Hat", check it out in action by going to:

You Tube,

MORE NEW HATS COMING SOON *****************************