rubyraven's Shop Announcement

Welcome to The Ruby Raven, purveyors of original handcrafted millinery work, historical reproductions, and jewelry. We specialize in custom hats for both women and men. We have been offering handmade, high-quality hats since 2005, and would love to provide you with a custom hat for your special event. Look closely. . . our quality and original designs are one-of-a-kind and cannot be found elsewhere. All of our hats are finished by hand, and most of them are made from start to finish using custom patterns and raw materials. We pride ourselves on the meticulous attention to detail in our work, and the quality shows.

Please check out our listings for designs from our new steampunk couture line, The Clockwork Raven.

The Ruby Raven supports animal rescue organizations, including Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue ( Some of our hats include feathers naturally shed by rescue birds that have been taken in from abused homes and would have otherwise been euthanized. Please help support Mickaboo and their efforts by purchasing our hats. $5 of all regular hats will be donated to support the organization, as well as $10 on any sale of a hat using feathers from rescued birds. Thank you!