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runesrock's Shop Announcement

Every thing necessary for Rune Casting. Hand made, hand painted Runes, bags, casting cloths, casting cups, bind Runes, Runic jewelry. These are all hand made and no two sets or bags are alike.
To me the Runes are a very powerful tool of self exploration. They are not a tool of telling the future, however an AWESOME oracle giving advice along the way serving your best and highest good. The Runes are also a VERY personal tool, and many different colors, herbs, etc may vibe with one or many people. The whole purpose of this website was to give people options, and to keep it affordable.
I myself have been a Rune Caster for about 10 years, and over that time have noticed that I have had a lot of things that me and my wife have had to make that you normally cannot purchase in stores. Also, I just love the Runes, they are a passion for me. However in the retail stores they are kind of pricey and sometimes generic feeling (although ones out of crystal take the property of the stone). Honestly, I am of the feeling that a proper Rune set is made EACH RUNE AT A TIME, with the essence of that Rune being "sung" into it.
My hope is that through this Etsy site you find the right tool to work with you along your path. May each and every item here serve your best and highest good.
I now offer readings here on Etsy. To see if we Vibe go to my website,

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