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Please Count Your Blessings Today And Every Day, And May Any Supreme Being You Choose Bless You Today And Every Day. Ryka

There is a huge controversy over Thanksgiving, FB is one way of learning of the atrocities of events leading up to the actual day. I am for Giving Thanks Day but would still prefer we do it every day. Please Count You Blessings.

Well that last message to all of you was ok but I still haven't listed all new Holiday earrings. Very soon and you will love them(I hope).

Well That's Done...Next was Clean my space and that's done...And soon Christmas and Chakra Earring and Bracelets...Augh

I just finished listing a big bunch of new necklaces and I have another big bunch getting photos started right after the load of dishes...The next big bunch are way more masculine...

CONGRATULATIONS TO ME !!! I just reached over 1000 Positive Feedback Thank-You so much to all the wonderful people that got me there,

Augh I have been trying to get all new up here and I am messing up so if a listing looks odd it is! just convo me...
Save 20% Spend $100.00 Code is RYKAS8888 Affordable is my Goal/Brand oh adjustable too Read my feedback...
...Why would you ever want another piece of Fashion Jewelry that you couldn’t place exactly where you wanted it on you neck/chest?

... I am Adjustable, Affordable, Durable and I look great.

... I am the sole designer and maker of my items here. There may be similar but they are still one of my kind (ooak).

...Chances are very good if you have seen it in my sold section that I can remake you one.
...People People, I can do whatever you want me to- to any of my items, just design it and explain it to me...its that simple. I want this one to look like that one but with this yes that is what I am talking about change it rearrange it and yet still affordable? try it...

*BUY 2 Get 1 Free Codes for Free item at end of title Destash Only or only items with codes
The 925 Sterling Silver is overlay in destash, some of the older listings may not say it enough.

Heart/ Circle me, Heart my items for 15% 0ff coupon codes.I will send codes as soon as I see all the hearts sometimes it takes me a few hours or days to get back to you but I do have the horses and children on the weekends.

Jewelry boxes do go out with your order I can fit as many as three in your package, I will not send a lot if its from the .20 cent sale stuff...Gift wrapping is free and other special attentions are never a problem just tell me...

Tracking/Delivery confirmation will now go out with every U.S. order. I Ship Right Away no more ever than 2 days. I want your Holiday and all orders to get there. U.S. minor outlaying Islands are included. Everywhere else I save all of my custom forms and they do have a sort of tracking system to them as well on post office receipt.

I Love Making This Stuff...I Make a lot of similar copies for myself and wear them always. I Love Wearing My Stuff. I totally stand behind my cords and adjustable necklaces and everything. I will not overprice My Stuff, it is very affordable...There are matches/sets available to almost everything and I always send a gift. I make and ship almost immediately 5 days a week, never more than 1 day. I look forward to your feedback, I am so proud of what I have received so far which you can read anytime...

I have the priority mail boxes all ready...You can add priority mail to your bill as a purchase...

Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions. Etsy and I do not guarantee the validity of any of these statements.

Extremely Loud Incredibly Close, Starring Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, My Favorites Thomas Horn, Max Von Sydow. If and when you do see it I am Maris Black the riding instructor (credits lol says Maris Black but if you watch real close when mom near the end is with his book you will see it say Ryka Black (oops)
near the end when I am reading the letter you will see me better with 3 of my necklaces on. for more on this read my profile.

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