The name St. Clair is a family name. My name gives me a sense of identity and a strong connection to my heritage. St. Clair has been passed down through my family for four generations. It is my middle name, passed down from my great grandfather, to my grandmother, to my mother, to me, and eventually to my children.
When I made the decision to create a brand for my jewelry I wanted to honor a woman whose spirit embodies the essence of the Saint Clair woman. Who better to name my line after than my namesake and inspiration; my granny St.Clair.
She was a woman who felt empowered while traveling, she felt deep connections with other cultures, her passions were other worldly and unending. She filled her home with artwork, books, and textiles from her travels.
I first became drawn to jewelry while looking through her collection. She owned and wore pieces from her travels - each with a history. Jewlery is just that. It is tangible nostalgia.

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