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Announcement    I apologize ladies. I am running low on women's 9s, 10s and 11s. Send me a private message, and I'll reach out when new stock arrives. I have some really cool designs in production right now. One of which is henna designs on rawhide.


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I apologize ladies. I am running low on women's 9s, 10s and 11s. Send me a private message, and I'll reach out when new stock arrives. I have some really cool designs in production right now. One of which is henna designs on rawhide.


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How I became an designer and importer of the coolest sandals on the planet

Hey guys. I am an English as a Foreign Language instructor by training who has been living and working abroad for over 8 years. Over the years, I've worn and brought gifts home to my friends and family from all over the world, and though people were grateful for the gifts, no one was necessarily amazed by the things I was wearing or bringing for them. This changed when I left Asia for a job in Arabia and started wearing these sandals in 2015. On my trips home, I noticed immediately that EVERYBODY wanted a pair. First it was my friends and family, then it was friends of friends and friends of family. The waitress at the restaurant. The guy at the farmer's market. People waiting in line at the movie theater. Then people started giving me money because their friends' friends' friends' wanted a pair! People were stopping me in public, and one woman even put her car in reverse across a parking lot to ask the question I've been asked so many times, "Where did you get your sandals?". That's when I knew I needed to start importing professionally. Though I didn't come on Etsy until the end of 2017, I have been importing SandCruisers since 2015 and working markets, festivals, and music festivals. After about a year or so I noticed there were a lot of things about these sandals that could be improved, so then I began the loooong journey of redesigning them. I redesigned the footbed to have a more symmetrical shape to one's foot, I changed the toe-ring and front strap patterns to have a tighter fit and more modern feel, and even redesigned the leather rings on the sides to have a more modern shape. I've also added several more layers of leather to the sole, so now they're about 1/4" thick! I've designed 100s of pairs since then, and probably the coolest thing I've done is create this men's traditional sandal for women! Some times I walk the souqs looking for unique Arabian prints to design with, and sometimes I play around with embroidery thread and come up with new patterns and designs for the front straps. These sandals are traditional Arabian sandals and have been worn by the local people for centuries. I first found them walking through the isles of spices, incense, and traditional clothing at the souq (Arabic for market). It's a genuine gift that I get the honor to bring something so special and unique home from the other side of the world to you. Happy stepping!

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    My partner owns a leather sandal workshop and his staff makes all my designs and orders by hand.

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Frequently asked questions
Will the sole wear out?

No. Never. 100% leather soles are often stronger than rubber soles. I've been living in the brown pair I have now and have worn them across Rome, Cambodia, Czeck, Bangkok, and Bahrain. I wear them every day and the soles are still solid and strong. I also design my sandals with more layers of leather than most sandal designers.

I'm used to Birkenstocks and Crocs. Are these hard?

Yes, for a minute. SandCruisers are made in a traditional construction of several layers of solid leather soles. They will be harder than cushy sandals you've been wearing at first, however, SandCruisers over time will soften and shape to your foot in a way that synthetic materials aren't capable of. Keep wearing your SandCruisers, break them in, and they will be the most comfortable sandals you've ever owned in the end. Trust me. Even if you have high arches, the leather will mold to your arch. You will see.

Where are these from?

These are the traditional sandals of the Arabian Peninsula. I am a world traveler and I discovered them walking along the traditional souks full of spices, incense burners, long robes, and traditional bedouin jewelry. I bought a pair for myself, and started designing new patterns, new color ways, and importing them in 2015. At first I was selling them to Americans, but now I ship all over the world, and I've even been lucky enough to have a following in Arabia because they like how I have designed a new style inspired by the traditional sandal, and I make them in all kinds of colors and embroidery designs they've never seen before.

Do you do half sizes?

The factory these are made in is a traditional factory. And they make them in the traditional way, which unfortunately does not include half sizes. Half sizes please round up. Ex: 8.5= 9.

My size is sold out. When will you get more?

My factory has a slow turn around. The guys sit on the floor, trace each pattern piece out by hand, hand cut each piece of leather with scissors, and hand stitch each piece of leather. You can imagine it takes months to get an order or reorder in. And remember, all of my designs are unique and different, so it's not like my factory can just tack my orders to his orders from bigger clients. Believe me, it's just as frustrating for me as it is for you! I lose a lot of sales because I don't have sizes. That's why I advise customers to not wait. If I have your size, buy it. I won't have it for long. But if I am sold out of your size and you really want a pair, message me and that puts you at the top of my list when I get my production in.

Why does shipping so long?

Most styles I have in stock at my warehouse in Florida, however some styles need to be made to order at the factory in Jeddah. Sometimes I can't make a pair that I don't have in the warehouse because we've already used all the leather at the factory. If it's in stock, you'll get it in 2-5 days. I promise. If we have to make it, please be patient, it could be 12-18 days as I have to have them made at the factory. One soon my business will be big enough that I can stock EVERY design in EVERY size at the Florida warehouse!

Where are SandCruisers made?

Once I finish designing the collection, I take my first of many trips to the factory. SandCruisers are made in a factory outside of Jeddah. I only work with one factory in Jeddah, but the factory owner owns two locations. I've never been to Rewa's other factory, but he's invited me to visit and show me Pakistan one day, so I hope I get to go. I obviously go to Jeddah all the time, and Rewa is very patient (and sometimes annoyed!) as I take over his factory and sit on the floor cutting leather and and pattern pieces and hold up his other production so the guys can make my samples. :) Don't worry. I bring them dates and chocolate every day I visit. They know me well by now, and I think they have fun seeing what I've come up with every season.

Custom and personalized orders

I wish I could. I'm sorry. I'm a people pleaser so it's my nature to give everybody exactly what they want. But it's so hard.... Just getting my designs made properly for the collection is maddening, and trying to get special orders made is so hard too. I'm just not there yet. Sorry, one day I'll have enough money to higher craftsmen to work in my studio with me. Then I promise I'll make you exactly what you want! :)