Eccentrically Gorgeous Jewelry

From raw brass to beautifully patina'd
My workspace. I clean and organize every couple of weeks, but it doesn't take long for it to look like this again.
This "before and after" picture shows a finished bracelet that started out as a plain strip of brass.
A few of my boxes of jewelry components. They are labeled by type, such as "Brass Filigree" or "Silver Hearts"
Doesn't everyone have a box of skulls?

Sandrandan Jewelry - Welcome to my Dreams!

Several years ago, a well-known psychic told me that I had hand-crafted jewelry in several former lives, once in ancient Egypt and once as a Romanian gypsy. He said that I was born into this life already knowing how to make jewelry.

Is it true? Who can say, all I know is that I have a passion for designing and making jewelry that surprises even me sometimes.

Honestly, once I started making jewelry, I didn't want to stop. Oddly enough, I seldom wear jewelry myself, yet I love the stuff! I gave a lot of jewelry away and sold some to friends, but it started really piling up. A friend convinced me to give Etsy a try and I've never looked back.

Having a shop is so much fun. It's a wonderful feeling, knowing that people like my work enough to pay for it and I love knowing that there are people all over the world wearing my jewelry. On top of that, I now have a source of income to pay for my bead and component obsession!

Most of my jewelry starts with solid brass stampings that are still made in the USA using tooling that dates back to the early 20th century. Some have an antiqued brass finish, some are plated with fine silver (which is more pure than sterling), and some are raw brass to which I add a darkened patina. I then layer, manipulate, paint, re-cut, or reshape these stampings to suit the piece I am designing.

Thank you to all of the wonderful customers and shop owners who have made Etsy so much fun!
Sandra Sutherlin
owner, maker, designer, curator
I'm the owner, designer, maker, photographer, buyer, and shipper for Sandrandan jewelry and I'm loving every minute of it!

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