santashells' Shop Announcement

Thanks for stopping by my Etsy shop!

If you are looking for bright, colorful accent paintings you have found the right artist. All artwork in my store is hand painted and original and only painted by me. I am happy to do commissions and these customers are always the happiest. I love to paint anything I can get my brush on and I am never intimidated by size or detail. I just love to paint and I would do it from the time I get up until I cannot keep my eyes open. Each piece means something to me. I am sure every artist feels the same way.

I am originally from New Jersey but I call Florida my home now. I walked the beaches of Long Beach Island for 42 years and now I find sand along the Gulf Coast to sink my feet into. It is still water, still sand. The water is a little calmer and a little more blue and the sand is white. The shells are colorful and the dolphins seem to like me so all is good.

If you have any questions about my artwork, please send me a message. I love Etsy and how it is the one place where I can find everything I am looking for, and also make my work available to the world just in case I am what someone might be looking for - a colorful beach, a strawberry, an ice cream cone. I just love to paint. Maybe I can paint something for you.