sapnamehra's Shop Announcement

Working on lots of inspiring changes for 2013... in the meantime you can find me here:

I'm a self-taught designer that works with artisans to craft pieces that are at once cosmopolitan and steeped in 400 year old traditions. My work expresses my identity as a global soul while being rooted to my ancestral home of Rajasthan, India.


I am inspired by what emerges when the old and the new meet.
How it interrupts thought and creates room for new experience.

I love cities. Embodying the now and exploring tomorrows.
I love their sheer drive and energy.

I love the intricate carved details of old architecture.
I love the calm of simplicity in contemporary design.

The aesthetic mix in music and food.

I love how imperfection brings life to things crafted with human hands.
I love how stories are meticulously loomed into textiles, carved into block prints and hued in enamels.

I explore the realm of traditions, re-imagined through design.

I aspire to create the timeless which transcends the old and the new.

My work is here and now in synchrony with the global soul.