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+ working with glass +

In 2006 I got into art school and had to choose a major. Glass was the shiniest option. Now I make and sell small glass things, to shops and at markets, and ONLINE. ..hello!

I completed a Bachelor of Fine Art with a major in Glass in 2009, at Monash University in Melbourne. I've long been interested in the properties that are unique to glass – its magnification, clarity and permanence.

I live and work on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. I work with glass though a process known as flameworking. My Studio is part of a group of creatives in a Mornington warehouse known as Commonfolk.

I've always been fond of shiny things, things that look edible. And if they can be worn - that's even better. I like making wearable glass pieces, and I reckon that glass should be worn as much as possible, because it feels pretty nice.

I probably most enjoy collaborating with nature. I've found that glass and nature can go hand-in-hand, making a fine pair. I often uses glass as a means to capture and display found objects from my favourite place, the backyard. Nature provides many a wonder to keep my mind fresh.

I hope to be making things for a very long time - I'm a firm believer in choosing handmade, and taking pleasure in simple things that make everyday life more lovely. ♥
I live surrounded by nature on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, which allows for many new ideas and keeps the mind fresh. Glass has provided me with ongoing challenges and inspiration, and I'm really enjoying exploring this unique material.