sarahlista's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Sarahlista. This is where you can find vintage clothing and finds for the home, handmade items, as well as sewing related items like vintage patterns, thread and buttons.

The gravitational pull to search antique shows, flea markets, thrift shops and estate sales has always been strong for me...heh, some people who know me may use a more forceful word. As a teenager, in college and through different work situations, even getting married and having babies became a new opportunity to learn history, explore likes, dislikes and preferences of the world of preowned and antique.

I started out as a clothing designer and enjoyed being a part of the design world for many years. Relocating from New York to Seattle, meeting my husband and having kids had a huge influence on my work choices. I eventually had to find a way I could be creatively satisfied and keep everyone at home happy too. Etsy is the place where I can do just that.

Most mornings I check my listings and wrap and ship orders. Then it's on to preparing listings - prioritizing and photographing. This takes a lot of time and consideration and involves a bit of spreading out all over the place to measure, organize and get accurate photos. If i'm lucky, I get it all straightened up before picking up the kids from school. We hang out in the same room and while they do their homework, I work on listings. Certain days are reserved for my favorite task...hunting for treasures!

I have two other Etsy shops. where you will find fabric & trim for your next project spanning two centuries. began as a way for girls to "honor the Game" following the boys lacrosse tradition. I sell custom made headbands for teams, groups, parties, reunions and gifts.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.