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Nothing starts before my cuppa.
Alot of cutting material here, its going to take me years to get through all this.
My bench, this is tidy.
This is my little apprentice, Bailey
Thats me!

Unique handmade quality jewellery

I'm Sarah Colby, the artist behind Sarah's Silver.
A late comer to the world of jewellery making and kicking myself for not doing this sooner, I had the chance to join my parents in their jewellery business years ago, but you know....

Anyway I started a few years back with a basic silversmithing class and soldered my first ring at the local lapidary club, it was pretty basic but I was totally blown away with what I had created, and I liked playing with fire!!

Since then I havent stopped, I approached a master jeweller in my area who has taught me new skills and provides general guidance for my new little business. I have a studio set up and work from home and I just love it. It's not all rainbows and meadows though, there is a lot of frustration from time to time when something is just not working but it usually ends well with a new born creation.

I also do a fair bit of facetting at my local gem club along with slabbing and cabbing as I have a huge amount to cut. I've joined in this years club facetting competition and, so far, am in front on points...fingers crossed!!! Everything that is cut will eventually end up featured in a jewellery piece.

My little business is still evolving....

That facetting competition.....I won it!!!!!
Sarah's Silver
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I'm Sarah Colby, the artist behind Sarah's Silver.I am somewhat a bit of a late comer to the world of jewellery making, but have well and truly been biten by the bug!