Andrew D Gore's Satans SideShow!

satanssideshow is currently not selling on Etsy We’re here if you need help with an order from this shop. Have questions? Visit our Help Center.

satanssideshow is currently not selling on Etsy

We’re here if you need help with an order from this shop. Have questions? Visit our Help Center.

Shop policies

Last updated on February 13, 2011
If you have any questions or concerns PLEASE contact me directly at: Gore [!at]

or call me PERSONALLY at 1-443-449-5939 or 443-869-2603
Andrew D. Gore's
aka "Hells Gift Shop"!

I'm AD Gore and welcome to my weird world of ALL ORIGINAL, Hand Made creations that you WON'T find in ANY store because I refuse to "mass-produce" my art for the masses.

So, you have decided to take the plunge into my infamous Uncensored Etsy Site and I know you won’t be disappointed!

First off, you must have a twisted sense of humor o fully enjoy my Satan’s SideShow webfright. If you are politically correct or easily offended or simply can’t take a joke to not dare look past this page. Immediately click off this site and clear your computer cache to erase the evidence of you visit here! Surely if you delve into my world of bizarre film, oddities and depraved and psychotic humor, you will probably end up in a straight jacket, or find yourself at the nearest church praying for forgiveness for just even reading this!

Second, this is a DYI (Do-It-Your Self), 100% FAN based operation. If your looking for mass-produced merchandise being pumped out of some factory in China by faceless workers who work 15 hours a day for a bowl of rice then you’ve come to the wrong place!
Most of my items aren’t available ANYWHERE but right here-and I like it that way! Who the fuck wants something everybody else can get by going to the fucking Mall! You reading this tells me that you’ve done your underground homework and you’re a step above (or should that be “a step below”) the others that buy shit at a fucking corporate owned chain store that your Mama and kid sister shop at!

Satan’s SideShow is not some big company to say the least, it's ONLY ME-Andrew D. GORE, I'm a one man band with the Master Plan, and I have been doing this MY WAY since 1979. Yep, I was the first and still the worst Undergrond freak factory in the WORLD! Ohhhh, there are many AD Gore copycat companies out theses days, BUT they are all swimmin' in my wake, and I will ALWAYS riegn SUPREME amongst the ADG wanna be's!

I won’t print or create something I don’t like just to make money,hell, I’ll never get rich this way, but that’s not the point behind what I do – I’m just a fan of the bizarre and want to create, as one of the Underground fans put it: “notorious novelties and trippy treasures,” something you won’t find anywhere but here!

Yes, over the years, I have been questioned by various people of the so-called “normal society” asking how I could print such “filth and decadence” but I just say, “fuck it.” I love what I print; but then again, I also like the smell of my own farts too! There are a number of other t-shirt companies out there, but what separates me from the pack is the care and attention I give to each and every design, down to the last detail. All of my new tees are hand screen printed (NOT transfers!!!) and I only print on the highest quality 100% heavyweight cotton tees (usually “Fruit of the Tomb”). The inks I print with are the best available in the industry, giving the best coverage and maximum opacity. On my black shirts, my white ink produces a vibrant bright white print, not washed out looking gray. On my multicolor prints, each color is hand “flash dried” (dying in-between colors while the shirt is still on the press!) to provide my tees with the sharpest print, brightest colors and unmatched washability! Most of my shirt designs are oversized (to shock and offend at greater distances) therefore they are only available in Medium,Large, XL,2X,3X and 4X. Remember the actual shirts and other goodies look 1000 times better than they appear here in this website – it’s impossible to show their high quality on these small low resolution web images. I’m so sure you’ll be satisfied, that I guarantee all of my stuff 100%! I’ve been labeled as a creative genius by some and raving madman by others – now it’s time for you to decide!
Ok, ok, enough from me. Read on and again, Welcome to my World ,the World of the TRUE Underground Schlock Art!

Accepted payment methods

Returns and exchanges
I stand 1000% by what I make and I GUARANTEE your 100% SATISFACTION!!
I accept all major credit cards through my Certified and Verified PAY PAL account. This is the safest and fastest way to process you order as well as the QUICKEST way to ship your purchase!
If you have any questions or concerns PLEASE contact me directly at:
Gore [!at]

or call me PERSONALLY at


I work at night so that's is the best time to get me on the phone and not the answering machine. BUT, if you do get the machine DON'T just hang up, LEAVE a quick message and I will call you back as soon as I hear it, remember I work alone so if I've gone to the store, you'll get the answering machine, keep that in mind because I WANT to hear from you and I will call you back within the day!!
I ship everything USPS Priority Mail-and you will be notified via email all the tracking information when you item is sent!
Additional policies and FAQs

Me here at Satan's Sideshow RESPECT your PRIVACY and we will NEVER sell or distribute ANY of your CONTACT INFORMATION(email,name,phone number,address etc.)

All of my orders are sent discreet packaged (ei, no flaming devil cock on the envelope that your postal workers won't like!) I don't even put "SATAN'S SIDESHOW" as the return address, I just use my name, Andrew D. Gore. This will prevent any crackpot Bible Thumper trying to fuck up our right to free speech!