scentsorycreations is taking a short break.

Scentsory Creations will be closed Until further notice so I can focus on my health. I was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and a host of other medical conditions to go along with it and need to focus on that.

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scentsorycreations' Shop Announcement

All items are made to order, when you order to ensure maximum freshness and shelf life, which allows me to accommodate allergies and sensitivities you may have. If I don't have a product you are looking for, contact me. I am happy to help you create what you have in mind. Prices are varied based on the ingredients used in them, and these prices change frequently when I buy new supplies so you are paying for the ingredients in your product, rather than an average price. This is something I am very passionate about and want customers to understand.

Also, I want customers to understand I have a serious genetic disorder that has caused some physical disabilities. It can take up to two weeks to make and ship an order, depending on my mobility at the time of an order. Many times I can make and ship orders in a day or two, but I have to put this longer time frame due to the unpredictability of the disorder. The way this condition works is my collagen breaks down and is faulty causing joint dislocations all over my body. Some days I can walk and work perfectly fine and others I have to stay in bed due to the instability of my connective tissues. I still keep Scentsory Creations going because it brings me absolute joy to help others feel better physically, mentally and spiritually and brings focus away from my own illness.

I have also started offering consultations for low cost or even free based on your income level as I am in school for a master herbalist certification and professional aromatherapy certification. I cannot diagnose, provide treatment, or prescribe anything. The goal of consultations is to help educate you about the use of herbs, aromatherapy and supplements and take your health into your own hands, choosing whatever products you think will help. this service will start being a part of my business at professional prices upon completion of my studies, so I suggest taking advantage of consultations while you can, with the understanding that I will be honest with you about my knowledge on a certain subject and if I feel it is above my current knowledge, I would refer you to someone who has more training than myself.

I can consult in person, over the phone, a program such as Skype or Google hangouts, or through email conversations. I prefer in person, but that can not always be possible. If you have any questions about my products, would like to have a consultation or order a custom, feel free to contact me at scentsorycreations [!at]

In the United States, The practice of aromatherapy and herbalism is not regulated, professional studies are not required, and anyone can slap on a title of aromatherapist or herbalist without training, but I feel it is important to show that I have taken the time to study these things in order to have a proper understanding of these herbs and essential oils and the safety considerations regarding them.

Many of my essential oil blends are designed to help with physical or emotional ailments.
I strive to use the best quality essential oils, carrier oils, butters and preservatives in those I am required to use them. Many of my items are preservative free, but by law, I have to add preservatives to items that have water based products in them or will come in contact with water. I use germ-all plus for these products and I am always looking for safe and effective preservatives.

*Aromatherapy should be used under the care of a health professional and I am not responsible for any misuse of aromatherapy or herbal products. Please ask your healthcare professional before use, especially if pregnant or nursing, have certain health conditions, or on any over the counter or prescription medications. I am always happy to provide samples for you to try to ensure you do not have adverse reactions

**When Shipping an item internationally, I will send a separate invoice for shipping if it costs more than the listed shipping cost. With so many countries, I have no way of knowing for sure how much it may cost to ship to you. I will also refund shipping overages if I have overestimated shipping. Thank you for understanding.**

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.