seasidewest's Shop Announcement

The Pacific Ocean delights in presenting us with beautiful sea glass and mysterious treasures - but sea glass is a perennial favorite. Buy real sea glass for your jewelry projects and revel in other unique, mysterious items the sea for your creative endeavors. You can buy sea glass and beach treasures from Seaside West with complete confidence in their authenticity.

I enjoy sharing these amazing finds with you, so that you too may harness a little of the great sea's majestic wonder in your own designs, and to accent beautifully your own creativity, special occasions, and general wearing delight. I love the way you can wear a piece of something found in the the ocean and, in some way, carry a piece of the beach and the seaside with you by so doing.

The Pacific Ocean never ceases to amaze with its own re-interpretation of things cast into it. Beautiful, wonderful, mysterious things....

Seaside West is your reliable resource if you are looking to buy real sea glass for yourself and your own jewelry projects, or if you are designing and creating jewelry for your own clients, family or friends. Genuine California sea glass that is antique or vintage cannot be mimicked, and here you will find that products for sales are represented with as much accuracy as possible, so that when you buy sea glass or other sea mystery discoveries, you can trust what you are getting. Your reputation depends on it.

So kick off your shoes and walk through Seaside West. You will certainly find much to be both enchanted and excited by...namely all those sea glass jewelry designs flashing through your mind's eye and how beautiful they will be!

Please feel free to share with me what you make of your purchases. Perhaps we can post them for all to see!

Whenever you are looking for the real deal in sea glass, you'll want to wander over to this shop and procure your parcels with confidence. Be sure to "like" the shop and check back often for one-of-a-kind beach finds that will be snatched up quickly. I cannot make more of them, so it is first come, first served.

Insist on the Best of the West: Seaside West.