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Douglas Hunsberger is the the entrepreneur who produced "Designer Series Postcards" in the 1980’s. These cards featured some of the most breathtaking scenes ever produced on postcards anywhere. They were distributed to gift shops, motel lobbies, stores and other retail outlets in the Wildwoods from 1981 through 1988 redefining fantasy with a high gloss finish. Before this, postcards looked nearly the same regardless of whom or what company produced them. In marketing terms, there was little or no product differentiation or brand identification. To give Designer Series Postcards a brand defining characteristic and a distinctive look, they featured brightly colored wrap-around borders. The cards were titled with the town of origin as a design element at the bottom of the card. The new graphic treatment was the first of its kind and a new approach to postcard design was born.

Hunsberger, was also the photographic artist who produced the images for the cards. He was best known for taking extreme measures to get the perfect shot. From sea going safaris to helicopter rides with the doors off, he was able to capture some of the most striking compositions imaginable. As a result, the Wildwoods never looked so good.

Some of the individual Designer Series postcards had unique selling points of their own. When "pin-up" girls were added to the mix, instead of using "stock shots", local girls were recruited to model for the cards. The hotties were often bartenders at local hot spots with a large male following. This virtually guaranteed a market for thousands of cards. To top it off, each girl signed her card in her own handwriting: "Hello from Wildwood, Love [their name]".

In 1983, Designer Series Postcards introduced a card with a male subject. Although no one realized it at the time, it is now considered to be the first "Beefcake" postcard mass produced in the United States. Mike Wuko, a local bodybuilder and gym owner, modeled for the card. Wuko instantly became a local celebrity and to this day still gets requests to autograph one of "his" cards.

Hunsberger continued with more innovative concepts. When he released a card featuring a group shot of the Wildwood Lifeguards, girls began circling the guys they liked before sending them home. On a humorous note, he produced a card titled: "Are You a Tourist?" with call-outs to the subject's nerdy attributes.

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