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Every rosary here - whether Franciscan Crown, Lutheran prayer beads, or "regular" Catholic rosary - is made with beading wire. Why? It lets me make a rosary out of almost anything that can be strung. If you do a search within the shop for "Needs a home" you'll find a number of my rosaries that I've marked down to less than half price because they've been looking for a "good home" for awhile. (These include some of my own favorites, but I can't keep them all.)

I try to craft "rosaries with personality" so that you can find one (or more!) that expresses your personality or that of the individual you're buying it for. I'm open to custom orders, so if you have an idea for something you don't see here, let me know and I'll see what I can do with it.

I keep a variety of Franciscan Crown rosaries available - not just for Franciscans, but for anyone who wants to celebrate the joy found in following God's will as Mary did. You can read more about the Franciscan Crown on the shop policies page, and a pamphlet is sent with each Crown rosary. I also have a small supply of booklets on how to pray the "regular" five-decade rosary. If you'd like a copy, just mention it in the "note to seller" when you order.

In the past, I've carried Anglican rosaries. With so much to keep me busy - and things I still want to try - I've stopped making those. If you're looking for an Anglican rosary, I'd suggest that you try the AnglicanPrayerBeads shop: .

I use stainless steel 49-strand flexible beading wire for my rosaries, which is the strongest and most flexible available. Occasionally, beads with very small holes will demand a finer wire; when that's the case, it will always be stated in the item description.

Every rosary in my shop is "held together" with tornado crimps, which I've found to be much stronger than regular crimp beads. If, in a close-up photo, you see a little piece of metal that looks like it has diagonal lines on it, you're seeing the spiral of a tornado crimp.

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