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New lumberjack gift set will be listed tomorrow! In addition to the best seller red/black buffalo check, there will be a teal buffalo check that also matches the lumberjack fabric!
Perfect personalized gift on sale! #heatpad #purecomfort #perfectgift
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So I wanted the perfect rice neck wrap. . .

There is just something cozy about having warmth wrapped around you. Years ago someone gave me a rice neck wrap that was made out of a sock, filled with rice and tied on one end to keep the rice in place. I loved it and used it almost daily, especially in the winter. I would heat it just before bed and put it at the edge of my pillow so my neck was toasty as I fell asleep. I used it to warm the sheets at the bottom of my bed so my toes would be warm as I fell asleep. I used it to relieve stress and strain after a long day hunched over a computer. I placed in the freezer and used it on my forehead to help alleviate a headache. I loved it, literally, to the end.

When it was time to retire it to the garbage can, I decided to improve on the design.
There were some issues with my well-loved rice pack. It wouldn't hold the heat as long as I wanted. It wasn't long enough to drape all the way over my shoulders with evenly distributed rice. And, frankly, it was just plain ugly.

The idea for the comfort wrap by Sehosas was born. Alot of research and trial and error went into the design. I played around with different lengths and had my husband try them on for size. We both agreed that 27" was the right length to give the drape that I was looking for. Next up was what to fill it with so that amazing warm feeling would last longer. The commercially made microwave heat pads are filled with some sort of plastic like beads that are questionable. I wanted something natural. I tried corn, cherry pits, beans, flaxseed and of course, rice. I finally determined that the longest lasting warmth is provided by a combination of rice and flaxseed. The rice provides toasty moist heat and the flaxseed makes it last longer.

After determining the length and contents, I embarked on a seemingly everlasting journey to determine exactly how much filler to put in these wonderful little wraps. It turned out to be 1.875 pounds to be exact. Every single one is measured for accuracy.

Now I source beautiful fabrics to create these treasures for all to enjoy. My husband lugs in 50 pound bags of rice and flaxseed on a weekly basis. It's ok - I have a solution for his achy, tired muscles. His very own comfort wrap. :-)

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