sewNikki's Shop Announcement

Since my son's Autism diagnosis 6 years ago, I've been making Autism Awareness items. He was my inspiration to be a part of spreading awareness. I soon realized what a great conversation starter my bags, pouches and key fobs were after I was stopped by numerous people asking about my loud puzzle print accessories.

It's also a wonderful way for us Moms,Dads, Aunts, Uncles, Teachers--anyone who loves someone with Autism--to show our support for a cure.

Quote from a CNN special titled 'The Mystery of Autism':

"Every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with autism. In the US alone, more children will be diagnosed with autism than with AIDS, diabetes, and cancer combined. And the frightening truth is that no one really knows why."

That is so saddening, sickening and downright SCARY! Now more than ever, I want to make my Autism Awareness goodies and hope they reach the hearts and hands of those of us in the fight to understand and treat this mysterious disorder that has stolen a piece of our children.


Thank you for taking the time to check out my goodies and to get to know me. I hope I am able to provide what you are looking for and if not, I'm only a Convo away :O)