sewbytheshore's Shop Announcement

IF YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING, now is the time to treat yourself. DREAMING2015 is the coupon code for 25% off on your purchase of $200.00 or more. It expires on October 31, 2015.

A vest or purse caught your eye and it's not in your budget right now - you can contact me about a layaway plan. Don't miss out on the unique piece that you'd really love to have.

More about our work:

Over the years, our storage customers have walked away from a substantial pile of their fur pieces, because they didn't want to pay the storage and cleaning fees or didn't want to have them re-styled. With the fashion houses showing fur vests and wraps again, we took another look at the accumulation in the vault and made up a few unusual vests to test the waters. They sold while they were still under construction - in San Diego, of all places. We've kept pulling out parts and are putting together a selection of unique pieces for you, trying to incorporate a unique design detail in each item to keep them extra special. The life expectancy of the fur is 5 to 10 years and price accordingly.

As with the purses, we make a donation ($25) from every sale to local animal welfare groups.

These bags have been individually, hand made in California by the two of us from discarded materials. I have fabrics that are left from custom drapery construction and re-upholstery projects. Dee’s are luxury furs left after re-styles. All the fabrics are new and everything but the silk is stain-treated in the manufacturing process. All the furs have been stored in her climate-controlled vault, cleaned, and glazed. We don’t use any hides that are not in good condition and have years of life left.

The interiors get just as much attention as the exteriors. It annoys me to have to dig for things at the bottom of my purse and I made the assumption that you might feel the same way, therefore lots of pockets and compartments.

With every sale, we make a $10 contribution to Donors Choose or one of several local animal rescue groups. The purchase of one of these unique bags does good on two levels. You can treat yourself, keep these beautiful discards out of the landfill for a while longer, and have the pleasure of owning a handmade, unique, practical accessory.

I'm calling these "Opulent Handbags, Reclaimed Luxury"

After riding with kids in car seats in the winter, the "GoBlankie" is the blanket made to deal with kids and their car seat issues. Since it fits over the car seat, all but the smallest child can manage it by themselves without the need to be unbuckled. It works with a stroller as well. The blanket folds into an attached pocket with a ribbon strap which, when folded up, becomes a tote. Included is a little neck pillow that is easy for an older child to take off and put on by themselves. No more bobbing heads. When the blanket is in use, the pocket is positioned so that the feet and legs can be tucked into it and stay warm. Doesn’t solve the “are we there yet” issue, but that’s a lot to ask of a blanket. A Travel Buddy is included with each blanket.

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