sewnhome's Shop Announcement

**Clearing out the stash, will be taking a hiatus soon......Thank you for visiting Sewn Home. I hope you find something that inspires you to create and to take time from your busy day to cozy up with needle, thread, and fabric.

While I am away, please, check out these options for beautiful stitch linens and ribbons.

**Sajou---Gorgeous linens and ribbons and accessories. Always check out their sales and clearance areas for great grabs! Site is available in French, German and English.

**La Croix & la Maniere-Monique Lyonett’s gorgeous and chic stitchery storefront in Paris

Please do not support intellectual thievery on ETSY. It has pained me for almost two years to see an ETSY seller reselling French linens, buttons, ribbons, scissors, accessories and stitch books on ETSY from France that have simply been purchased at Monique Lyonett’s gorgeous stitch shop in Paris and resold to ETSY buyers at a premium. Particularly offensive is the fact that certain items being resold on ETSY are unique to Monique’s shop. Monique’s shop has been in Paris for many years. Monique is an author of several chic stitch books that you likely own (and over-paid for). Monique’s website is in French, but is tremendously navigable with the aid of google translate. You can send an email to Monique. Her English is perfect. Please, buy these items directly from Monique and not from someone who has plagiarized Monique’s business concept for the last two years. You will save money too. (When I last conversed with Monique, she was crediting VAT back to international buyers of large orders from her shop. Go in with a friend, get a big order together from Monique's shop, share shipping costs, and ask Monique about VAT.)

*****Please, remember that when paying with a credit card for purchases abroad, you will likely be charged a surcharge for currency conversion by your credit card company. This is usually a percentage of your total purchase abroad. Also, this time of year, delivery from europe can be quite slow.*********