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Shout it from the roof tops.
Some of the other things I make for fun.
I love the challenge and change of a custom order.
My silly sense of humour shines through in my work.

Getting cozy.

Shortly after the birth of my second son I realized that having a 2 year old and an infant at home was defining my identity. I remembered back to a day when I was creative and had free time. I resolved to make a space in my life again for those things.

Even though it often meant staying up late at night I started a blog and used it as a personal journal of my creative journey. Slowly I started to learn new skills, sewing, screen printing, photography and SewTara started to grow.

My shop was born after months of blogging and creating resulted in handmade goods piling up! Now it helps fuel the creativity and lets me share my unique sense of humour with the world.

I blog almost daily, Tweet, have Facebook likes and run my Etsy shop! All while being a special education teacher, mother and wife.
Crafter Extaordinaire

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