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My home sweet home.
My dinosaur design ipad sleeves.
Work in progress.
My sewing room.
Work in progress.

That old sewing machine.

When I was quite young, I was mommy's little naughty girl. I had a horrible habit which was tearing apart my clothes and turned them into something that was totally not wearable. Little did I know that all my crazy creations would be considered one of a kind bohemian clothes today. Mom never stopped me from destroying my clothes because she saw the creative side of me.

I learned the basics of sewing from my grandma who was a seamstress. Hanging around in grandma's little studio was my favorite thing to do then. She inspired me to design, to create. When grandma passed away, I inherited her old sewing machine which I still keep today.

I have always wanted to be a stay home mom for my kids. I also wanted to have my own career. For most people, this goal is almost impossible to achieve. Sewwonder is truly my dream comes true. I cherish my little business which allows me to let my creativity go wide.

My goal is to create affordable, adorable and durable simple covers for your devices. I construct every single piece with great pride and lots of care and love.

My thanks goes to all my great customers who make my dream come true.
owner, maker, designer, curator, Stay home mom.

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