shadysidefarmstudio's Shop Announcement

Welcome to our farm store. Shop here for the shepherdess' high quality natural colored or "colored by hand" yarns. We are a farm based independent yarn company and our yarns are truly one of a kind. Browse our exceptionally wide range of natural colors.
The gentle shepherd uses organic farming practices and shears his own flock. Fleeces are handwashed and dried in the country air. Softness is our trademark difference.
In our farm studio the wools are minimally processed into unique homespun yarns .. not far removed from the gentle animals that bear them. The depth, character and personality of our yarns is waiting there for you to unravel. It becomes the perfect lasting investment for the project that you have in mind.
Our wools have been proven to felt beautifully in any shade that you may choose. Please purchase enough yarn to complete your project, our yarn is made in small lots and a matching lot number cannot be assured beyond the original purchase. Unwound skeins may be returned for a full refund.