Handmade fine jewelry uniquely yours from Montreal

Working on a custom ring with a large rough fluorite crystal
That is me at my booth at Renegade Brooklyn June 2012 "the sweat shop" haha! it was sweltering!
Polishing a silver lace ring, not my favorite part of the job!
Crazy production for Souk@SAT, Holiday designer show I took part in Dec 2011, lots of new lace pieces!
That is me working in my new studio, when I went "full time" in the spring of 2011

A piece of history captured eternally in silver to be held close to your heart.

After I graduated from the Art college, NSCAD in Halifax, Canada with a BFA in Jewellery design in 2004, I headed to Japan. I spent the next 3 years there with my Israeli husband. During my time in Japan I was teaching english part time and also creating jewellery part time. I set up a small studio in our old Japanese house which was nestled in the most quaint japanese garden. So I guess you could say my business started there. It was during that time, I started to sell in shops in Japan, Canada and Israel and also opened my etsy shop! My first son was born in Japan so one year later in 2008 we came back to Canada to live in Montreal. That is when I really started to learn about selling online and focus more on that side of things and doing local shows. Slowly my business got busier and after my second son was born I decided I really wanted to make a go of my jewellery business full time. So in the spring of 2011, I took the leap and so far it has been more than 1 year of doing this as my full time job! I recently started selling with Anthropologie, and in the past year I took part in two great craft shows, SOUK@SAT , Renegade Brooklyn and my work was featured in the national fashion magazine Loulou. I love creating unique and custom jewellery that is one of a kind and with the highest attention paid to design, craftsmanship and materials so I know my pieces will last for years to come! Enjoy!
Sheena Purcell
owner, maker, designer, photographer, mother, model
I am Sheena, a Canadian jeweller based in Montreal. I have been making jewellery for many years but I have been running my business full time for just over 1 year now. I am also a mom to two busy, gorgeous little boys.

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