sheepandthreads' Shop Announcement

Welcome to LIGHT IN THE FOREST WOOLS AND TEXTILES, which features Woolly Sheep, handspun and naturally dyed wool yarns, handwoven absorbent cotton dish towels, handknit wearables, and gorgeous Romney and Columbia fleeces!
Light in the Forest began in the mountains of North Idaho where we were indeed, a Light in the Forest! Hidden up on the top of a forested mountain, we lived a very rural life. This included packing our "necessities" up and down the steep trail to our cabin by a cantankerous mule named "Calamity".
I began my love of wool sheep while living on the Navajo reservation in Kayenta, Arizona. I learned to spin and weave there, and well, the sheep part just naturally followed!
How I found myself in North Idaho is too long of a thread to spin here, but here I am with a bunch of beautiful Romney and Columbia sheep, llama, spinning wheel, and floor loom. Now that my kids are grown, I've moved off the mountain and have become a "flatlander", living at its base.
I also raise natural dyeplants, especially Indigo. There is nothing more satisfying to me than to take fleece from the sheep that I have nutured and raised, then dye it with the most mysterious plant, Indigo! How magical it is to lift my fiber out of the dye vat, watching it turn from green to that glorious blue.
My sheep and crafts are what I'm about, and what I am. The joy of working with my wonderful critters and the beautiful fibers that they offer to me has sustained me for many, many years. I hope that they will bring joy to you too!

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