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pure wool handknits

Sheeps Clothing was launched in 2007. We have a commitment to hand crafting each item to an exacting standard from the highest quality pure Australian wool. Our philosophy being that a lot of time and effort goes into knitting so it therefore makes sense that the quality of the yarn should mirror the effort of the knitter.

All the yarns used are sourced from small Australian suppliers and many are dyed by hand. As is the beauty of hand dyed yarns and hand knitted garments, no two items are identical.

Although we continue to grow, our initial dedication to hand crafting and embracing traditional skills here in Melbourne remains strong.
Stacey Murray
owner, designer, Designer, knitter, and everything else.
Like many, I was taught to knit as a child by my grandmother. When my boys were born I was inspired to revisit knitting and haven't stopped since.

I can be found knitting at swimming pools, on trains and in cafes wielding my needles.

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