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Announcement   We have outgrown Etsy!! You can now find us in our new home at Head on over to the new sight to create an account and sign up for our awesome rewards program! Psst! We are now remaining open for non seasonal items in between shop updates! Hope to see you there!

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT selling as any other account here on Etsy we are the ONLY account ran by me @She_is_of_the_woods from Instagram/YouTube! The shop link above is the ONLY place my offerings can be called home from!


Last updated on Jan 25, 2019

We have outgrown Etsy!! You can now find us in our new home at Head on over to the new sight to create an account and sign up for our awesome rewards program! Psst! We are now remaining open for non seasonal items in between shop updates! Hope to see you there!

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT selling as any other account here on Etsy we are the ONLY account ran by me @She_is_of_the_woods from Instagram/YouTube! The shop link above is the ONLY place my offerings can be called home from!

April Graham

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April Graham

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    This is my very survival

    I can't afford to not work with plant allies every day. No matter the season. No matter my feelings, health, emotional well being. It doesn't matter. I have to be gathering, fixing, helping, praying on it. On it all.
    No not for the sake of profit. For the sake of holding on. If I stop I loose my grip and spiral into a dark place. Not the kind of dark we need to face in order to grow. The kind that consumes and extinguishes light for good. The kind that is man made from chemical damage.
    I have to help you heal yourself. So that you may help me heal myself. #ihealyounowyouhealme is my souls song. If I don't sing this song I am punished by my creator, my ancestors. My blood will boil should I turn my back and rightfully so. .
    This to me is not a phase in life. Not a new found passion. This is generational and I have no choice unless I choose to suffer. I fought to hard for this path for there not to be punishment should I stray.
    I've accepted this reality over the past 4 brutal years of sincere isolation in remote nature as I came off of a decades worth of poison shoved down my throat by western heroic medicine.
    It was like some twisted visioning quest done backwards where coming back to my senses was when I was shown the way. .
    But the land, the creator, my ancestors saw how hard I was willing to suffer. I in fact chose to suffer. I had no lack of supply to them pills. I wasn't even in tolerance withdrawal.
    I just heard the call of that land and was willing to shatter a decade of denial of self. The land held me when no other would. The land held me when no others could. .
    She spoke to me in the only words that would break through all the horrors and pains of my own trauma and that passed on in the blood. She gave me deep understandings of self and how healing allowing our pain to flow can be.
    So you see I can't afford to not be here for you. I can't afford not to work with plant allies every damn day. It is why I am here. It is why the land gave me back to self. .
    I heal you, now you heal me is the faith I carry in my heart with every step taken onto those lands that heal all.

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    • April Graham


      I am mother, cancer survivor, wild woman, land based, female ministers daughter, carnivorous hunter, practitioner of the old ways, the wise ways the forgotten & shunned ways... I'm mostly just a broken woman healing self by healing others. Welcome.

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    Last updated on Dec 2, 2018
    Frequently asked questions
    What is a ship fulfillment center & why do you use one?

    We use a ship fulfillment center! This means that as soon as you place an order here with me a company that we have hired receives your order pick it, pack it and put a label on it then send it to you!

    They have a SKU & barcode system in place which gives them an 98.99% accuracy rate when shipping, I use my own custom packaging I designed and everything that is fragile is pre bubble wrapped before we even send it to them!

    Why are we now using a ship Fulfillment company? We have grown to large to realistically handle shipping on our own! With an average of 1200+ orders in each update on average it took us 14 ten hour days to ship out all of your orders!

    Now all orders will be shipped in a 3-5 day time frame!

    Where/How do you source your herbs from?

    I am proud to say that about 50% of my herbals are hand gathered in an ethical manner by my own hands and are always gathered no less than 500 yards from any roadway. For non native/local herbs I use a local to Oregon company and all of their products are organic or wild crafted and sourced in the U.S.

    Custom and personalized orders

    I allow a limited amount of custom orders to be placed in each shop update. Usually 25. All custom orders are reserved a month in advance in each shop update. So if you buy a "Reserve a custom listing" listing in let's say June you'd be entitled to a customized listing of what's going to be available in the next up and coming shop update. $10 of the $20 custom listing cost is deducted from your listings total. A full list of what will be available and their costs is sent out to your etsy inbox a week before the update and as always you can see some of each months offerings by following me on instagram @she_is_of_the_woods and watching my live videos there the day before any update.

    Wholesale availability

    At this point in time we are not interested in selling to resale retailers.

    As is I sell out in moments of thousands of items during each shop update and never have enough as is.

    So while something sets on a shelf waiting to possibly be sold my loyal customers would go without!

    Thanks for understanding and as we grow we may potentially begin accepting large wholesale orders for approved vendors.

    I couldn't find what I was looking for during your shop update!?

    That's an easy one! I sell out of most offerings especially new ones within minutes yes minutes of opening my shop! The remaining items sell out in a few hours. If you don't see something and have looked thoroughly I'm sorry but it has sold out. It's important to be here right at 9am Oregon time during any scheduled shop update!

    During your shop update items disappeared from my cart and I'm angry!!??

    I'm sorry but online shopping is not like real life shopping.

    As in your "cart" is not "real".

    While it would be socially unacceptable for someone to reach in and take something out of a real life shopping cart that's simply not how online shopping on any platform works.

    If an item sells out before you checkout it will be missing from your "cart" it truly is first pay first serve.

    I can't do anything about this. I do understand it's frustrating.

    However if you yell at me for it over etsy or an instagram message three things will happen :

    1.) You will be blocked.

    2.) Any order you did place will be canceled.

    3.) Your name goes on a no buy list.

    I'm so sorry to be so stern but I can't allow verbal abuse. It's gotten crazy.

    What are your return policies?

    Returns are only accepted under a few conditions within the first 48 hours of receiving order.

    1.) If item shows up melted and hot whether shipping was selected at checkout.
    2.) If wrong item was sent.
    3.) If item was not as described in listing (please note I am not liable for how an item may have been imagined to be. Please read listings fully.)
    4.) If item breaks in transit IF you selected priority mail at checkout (provides insurance).

    Things/reasons I will NOT give refunds for.

    1.) All beadwork sales are final.

    2.) If you have buyers remorse.

    3.) If you have used the product.

    Please note for returns to be given under the conditions that I do accept I may require item to be returned to me prior to refund being given.

    What are your shipping policies?

    *All shipping rates are calculated.

    *Shipping is handled by a ship fulfillment center (refer back to FAQs to learn more)

    *Multiple orders placed during shop updates can't be combined. Shipping costs will apply to all orders.

    *If you placed an order with an incorrect mailing address you must message me with the correct address within the first 30mins of error. I make no guarantee that your order address will be updated in time prior to ship out. Please double check your address before checking out.

    *I am not liable for damage that may occur during shipping nor stolen packages once marked delivered. Please select priority mail at checkout if you wish to insure your order.

    Thanks for understanding!

    Frustrated that you keep missing out on offerings you've been wanting?

    First are foremost be sure to be at the shop at 9am Oregon time the morning of any shop update. The most successful folks are often there by 8:50 a.m refreshing their screen!

    Have a wants list in hand from the offerings I have been talking about on my Instagram account @she_is_of_the_woods this cuts down on time spent deciding and gives a solid plan of action!

    Make sure you have an etsy account versus checking out as a guest and TURN ON the direct checkout option! This means you can just click "buy now" and be done all of your info is already saved for checkout. Paypal buyer always have missing items from their cart as it takes to long!

    Lastly consider buying one of 25 monthly available custom listing spots!

    Why won't you tell me what's in that salve?

    First & foremost do note all ingredients are listed on the label of every single offering I make

    I am happy to answer if anything you're interested in has herbals/oils you may have specific allergies/aversions to

    If an item is a simple,meaning it only has one herb being used you will easily be able to read the front label for the info you're wanting

    All of my thickened offerings such as salves etc contain beeswax & at times tallow.If an offering has tallow it will be stated in the name.Tallow is rendered fat from a red meat animal

    I do not give out my specific recipes for many reasons such as these are family recipes,copying is dangerous,99% of people who ask have no intention of purchasing.If you're the 1% who's just curious I'm sorry!

    Why don't you accept cancellations?

    Unfortunately etsy does not update it's order que to reflect a singular item from an order being refunded. For example:

    If you order 3 tinctures and decide you only want 2 if I refund for the 1 your order sadly will still say to ship you 3.

    So even though I will have refunded you the ship fulfillment company we use (refer back to the FAQ section to learn about ship fulfillment.) will send out the refunded item anyhow.

    Please be sure the amount in your cart is the amount you intend to purchase.

    Please be sure the items in your cart are the items you are intending to purchase.