Breathing new life into forgotten furniture.

In 2008, I first repainted a couple of my own chairs and recovered them as well. A year later, I picked up a small dresser from a garage sale & painted it. I immediately fell in love with the way paint can transform the look of an outdated piece of well- built ,vintage styled furniture. That was really the beginning. My son and I painting that small dresser. A little while later, I started looking for furniture to restyle and sell. Now it's a bit of a family business. My husband usually sands and sometimes even paints. The boys remove hardware & clean the furniture & we all go in search of furniture in need of a facelift. I am flattered when someone favorites or purchases one of my items. It is wonderful to do something you love & know that someone else sees the beauty in it also!

Shelley Howell
Hello. I am a wife, mother, pre-k teacher, and lover of vintage furniture. I truly enjoy finding pieces of furniture that seem to be forgotten and adding some paint, modern touches, and sense of creativity to make them special. Thanks for looking!