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Me in my element - rust! A wall of rust. Oh, happy day!
To get those macro shots, requires getting a bit dirty. What we do for our art...
The Kentucky State Book Fair was a blast, as always.
A self-portrait reflecting on a love of rustica.

Poet Discovers Storytelling Through A Lens

When a friend put a camera in my hands one summer, everything changed. I immediately became smitten with abstraction. And I realized how much I missed working in visual arts, an outlet left to distractions for too long.

I began to nurture this new expression nearly every day. The bug was thoroughly snug. As with poetry, I found that photography was a way to compress a story, emotion or thought to it's essence. Now, not only was everything a poem, it was also a visual poem.

That's not to say I let poetry become a neglected toy co-habitating with dust bunnies. I realized that I could thread together two modalities, that poetry complimented visual imagery, that each contained elements of the other.

At present, I'm in the process of working on three books of photography, one of which unites the visual and literary arts.

I don't think that my friend or I, had any idea how much would become changed for me, that her gift held many facets that are revealed everyday. I am forever grateful.
Sheri L. Wright
owner, maker, designer, curator
Ms. Wright’s photography explores abstraction in a variety of mediums that include patterns left through urban and pastoral decay. Through her eyes, Wright finds beauty imprinted in rust creating color and patterns on a pallet of hidden places.

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