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What we do?
We are carving bird figurines. Not any figurines! We sculpture Shorebirds in particular. Our figurines are the result of skillful work - a combination of handwork, basswood & driftwood, metal balls, wire, all painted with an extraordinary talent and precision. It gives an amazing effect - as if you are watching live birds in their natural environment. We are making our figurines with great passion for many years now and just for you! For ornithologists and bird lovers who, after returning home, are still having the images of the observed species in their heads, and often reaching for the atlases to compare just observed birds with the illustrations. Our figures are also for those who, aside from the experiences and their notes, also collect all the "gadgets" concerning birds, i.e. birds' feathers, books and figurines.

Create your own collection and make a gift to yourself or a person close to you. It's also a great gift for your bird watching friends. See what a great impression your collection of miniature SHOREBIRDS will make.

How many shorebirds there is in the world?
Have you ever wonder how many species of shorebirds there is in the world?
Apart from gulls, terns, allies, skuasa, and skimmers (as they also belong to the Charadriiformes category), there is 250 described Shorebirds in the world. Among those species there are further 200 subspecies described, for example: Red Knot (Calidris Canutus ), occurring throughout the whole world, does not look the same everywhere - there are 6 further subspecies mentioned: birds from Siberia and Australia look slightly different than those living in Europe and USA.
Shorebirds are fairly diverse group of birds, where the smallest species measure 15 cm - Least Sandpiper (Calidris minutilla), and the largest measuring 63 cm - Siberian Curlews (Numenius madagascariensis). These birds are met all over the world, live in open areas on all continents - on the sea, river and lake coasts, grasslands, meadows and fields, mountain meadows and steppes. Shorebirds fascinate bird enthusiasts all over the world. Many of them work in international research and protection groups and organizations. You can find them from the coasts of Antarctica up to the Arctic. Just go to the sea, river or lake coast, wet meadow, bog, cultivated field, abandoned gravel pit, or pond, and you will certainly meet these interesting birds and be able to watch and observe them.

How it is made?
The body is carved from dried basswood. Eyes are made from small metal balls, and legs are made from steel wire of a suitable thickness. Parts such as peak and decorative head feathers common for some species (e.g. the northern lapwing, peewit) are made from previously prepared and properly molded wood. Figurine is hand painted with acrylic paints, and when dried it is covered with transparent matte or glossy lacquer (it is mostly against dust and scratches). To connect components we are using epoxy resin. If the figurine will be covered in dust you can use small brush or slightly damp cloth to clean it gently. Every single figurine and its every detail are handmade from the very beginning to the very end. Therefore there are no two identical figurines. There may occur small differences among the figurines of the same species in head orientation, pulled neck, straight or bent legs, body position, different plumages – male or female (if there is dimorphism), breeding, non-breeding, and juvenile plumages. Bases of figurines may also differ. They are also made from wood, but different kinds of it. The material for bases is acquired from beaches or river banks (driftwood), and forests – what nature allows us to find, we take it. Most of the time bases are made from: pine, maple, linden, oak and ash.

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Custom and personalized orders

If you haven’t found a figurine of a species that you specifically would like to have you can order it here too. We will carve specific species for special request especially for you, as we do carve all shorebirds species.
Depending if you order one figurine of a one species, or few figurines of one or few species we need from 4 to 6 weeks to make it. You can also specify the appearance of your figurine: plumage (juvenile, breeding/adult summer, non-breeding/adult winter), and posture (e.g. upright, leaning, sitting). You can also send us a photo with a note: ‘This is how I would like my figurine to look like!’
For special orders – please sent us an e-mail: info[at]