shoshke's Shop Announcement


My name is Shushu, I'm a basket weaver specialized in weaving top quality Wicker Bassinets for babies.

I design and weave Wicker bassinets in an ancient weaving techniques that hasn't changed for centuries. I love to mix the ancient world technique with top quality materials and modern textile designs.

All my products are hand made of Natural materials. The Bassinets are woven from Willow, and all the bedding are 100% cotton. So is the same with the doll buggies I weave.

I've been weaving for years, but only when Jasmin, my daughter was born, I began focusing in weaving wicker bassinets for babies. I weave my bassinets with a lot of love to this alchemy process that turns natural branches into beautiful forms.
Even today, after I've woven hundreds of Bassinets, I am still touched by this magic.

Please contact me with any question, I'd be happy to help.

Wishing you wonderful days of motherhood.