signsoflovedeaf's Shop Announcement

We bring language and community to the deaf in rural villages of developing nations. We live the Gospel. We cultivate Deaf leaders. We host Deaf camps. We plant Deaf churches. We promote Deaf awareness. With your donation for this special artwork, proceeds help support the livelihood of deaf persons in Honduras. We make a difference in these lives.

Why We Do It
Imagine not knowing how to read and write; you can only communicate with a handful of people, and your vocabulary is limited to 15 gestures. You want to go to school, but nobody believes you can learn. You are forgotten and discarded. You are treated as if you are without intellect, and you are afforded no rights. You may be physically and/or sexually abused. You are disenfranchised, a product of your community's lack of awareness. This is the reality for hundreds of thousands of deaf people in developing nations. Many of these deaf people do not even know how to write their own name. They haven't had the opportunity to learn. They have not heard the Gospel message. Many are living and dying without hope.