silkandmore's Shop Announcement

For a limited time period, buy bridesmaids robes for as low as $25!!!
Here are the details:
Purchase between 3 to 6 robes at only $27 per robe
Purchase 7 and more robes at only $25 per robe

So make sure you make good use of this opportunity :)
You can check out our HUGE catalog of fabrics at my other shop:

I am a big silk fabricaholic.I have always loved the art of making my own custom dresses,scarves, skirts and stuff and I do this using fabrics I collect from all over but *SILK" is my favorite. Each item on my shop is a unique piece for which hours of planning, shopping and creating one of a kind designs are involved, right from the “feel” of the material to the work that I do on it. Everything that has gone into this shop is my sweat, blood and infinite hours of contemplation.
I have got a wonderful family who all support me in my creations: My muma and my muma-in law, my sis, my sis-in-law, my grandma and my wonderful husband who takes all the amazing pics. And thank God for a small team of two assistants that I have enabling me to work on my creations even more.

To My Valued Customers:
-> All my garments are designed and handcrafted entirely by me and by my family. I do not mass produce my collections, and guarantee you a world wide exclusive item.
-> My workroom as well as my entire home is smoke and pet free.
-> Due to some misconceptions regarding the Textile Industry in India, I'd like to assure you that my silks come from a mill that does not use children as laborers.
-> We model for all our products ourselves

Well.. happy etsying all of you.. feel free to drop me a line or two about anything :)

I also have another fabric store on Etsy. Here is the link:

Love all you visitors and your sweet convos that you drop, keep them coming, this is the inspiration that drives me.