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6 months

be you, lovely. you shine, shimmer, and sparkle with your welcoming love to the world around you.

6 months

We're set on persisting in the studio. Phoebe, Jenn, and I love this work we're called to do in the world. Sharing light with these artful messages of hope and love. We celebrate those called to persist. That's what we do.

7 months

Living with intention by walking humbly, loving kindness, and through service is no small task. This beautiful print elevates the mood, energizes as it reminds you of your purpose. A lovely reminder for everyday living and makes a great gift.

8 months

wisdom heals. wisdom encourages. this wisdom from Henry David Thoreau speaks truth over and again.

10 months

announcing our first release for 2017! we're happy to bring these two new wisdom cards, three 5x7s, and one 8x10 print to you. with our "nevertheless she persisted" 5x7 print we'll be donating a portion of all regularly priced retail sales to the ACLU.