Hi from Istanbul with love!

I have been doing these things ever since I could remember. I started to sew when I was 6 years old. My mom was a tailor and she had an atelier in our house. Fabrics, patterns and customers were very familiar to me throughout my childhood.
I feel very lucky, because at this moment nothing has changed and I continue to work in my home studio. In my childhood, I spent my time painting, sewing and producing things. Some of the objects that I made are now used to decorate the walls in my mother's house. Over the years, I started to sew clothes then I sewed dresses for my friends including: Baby dolls, puppets, knits, bags and wallets.
I studied at the Marmara University Fine Arts Department of Istanbul Education Faculty. During this time, I spent my time drawing and painting. I graduated from the department of textile design afterwards I worked as a graphic designer for 5 years.
When I thought about starting to produce things, I started to do so at home. My mom and I started to produce home textile products and I used my former blog to show my products. When I saw people's interest, it gave me pleasure. Today, we still make decorative pillows, runners, and tablecloths. My husband, my friends and I had a boat trip on the blue waters of the beautiful Turkish coast. In preparation for this trip I sewed myself a beach bag. During the trip some of the girls in our group really liked my beach bag and all of them wanted one for themselves. After that, they ordered bags from me for their friends and colleagues and I therefore found myself in designing bags for people. Afterwards, I found ETYS opened an online shop and now I would like to thank for my friends who supported me when I started to produce my goods.
Sinem Inugur
owner, designer, maker, curator, Shipper,Photographer
I was born in Istanbul, which is one of the most beautiful and historical cities in the world. I live in Istanbul with my husband.

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