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Now offering CUSTOM orders: If you would like a custom piece with a different animal or a certain color palette, please message me!



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Why Greyhounds?

I’m fascinated by this breed! They can run faster than racehorses, but they sleep twenty hours a day. If they lock onto prey, nothing can distract them, but if they’re relaxed, nothing can rouse them. They are strong but gentle. They can seem aloof, but they love to drape their long limbs across my lap and gaze at me with their big, soulful eyes. They are surprising in their grace and hilarious in their awkwardness. They might carefully step through long grass, trying not to get their paws wet. Or sprawl belly up and tongue flopping out of their mouths.

These seeming contradictions draw me in. I use my art to show them as the silly, sweet, funny, beautiful, fast, slow, energetic, lazy, soulful, relaxed, goofy, and graceful beings that they are.

To create my most recent work, I stitched together pieces of synthetic fabric and then fused and melted them with a heat gun. The results are often unexpected, but always interesting!

It would be impossible for me to tell you about my shop or about me without talking about my greyhounds. I have five at home right now, and they love to be near me. Whichever room I'm working in, you'll be sure to find them spread out on the floor nearby. I admit that they're sometimes in the way, but I wouldn't enjoy working nearly as much if they weren't there. Sometimes the benefit of knowing where the pin cushion is or being able to spread out a project without worrying about it being stepped on with muddy paws is outweighed by a furry, warm head on my lap. And sometimes while they're laying there, they spark an idea for a new project. I can't wait to show you what I'm working on next!

I hope you get some pleasure from the anecdotes, photos, and pictures of my dogs. And I hope you'll find many things in my shop to catch your eye.

Happy hounding!

Shop members

  • Laura Brady

    Designer, Creator

    Nine years ago, I adopted a retired racing greyhound and changed from a regular Dog Person to a Crazy Greyhound Person. I love skinny dogs! They stole my heart, and now they steal my bed, my couch, my bobbins, my scraps...and happily, my time!

  • Vinny

    Fun Police

    Vinny is an 80-pound retired racing greyhound. At age 13-1/2, his main function at the shop is to keep the other helpers from having too much fun, such as chewing on supplies, stealing discarded scraps, or rough-housing around my work table.

  • Mona Lisa

    Lap Warmer

    Mona is a retired princess. At age 11, she works sporadically at the shop (when she feels like it). Her self-appointed task is to lay her head in my lap while I'm sewing or making jewelry to remind me that she needs ear scritches at all times.

  • Big Mike

    Unofficial Floor-space Hog

    Big Mike retired from an illustrious racing career earlier this year. His unofficial role at the shop is to lay on the floor, spreading out as much as possible, so that in order to cut fabric, iron, or reach my work table, I must step over him.

  • Candy Corn


    Candy may resemble a greyhound, but she's actually a tiny gremlin (55 lbs). She helps me design my quilts by rearranging the pieces, hiding supplies, and destroying my tape measures. It's lucky that she's so cute!

  • Chocky


    Chocky, age 1, is the youngest helper. As Coach, he strictly limits the time I spend sitting by whining and crying loudly, about every 3 minutes. "I want to go out, come in, go out... I'm bored! I'm starving! Stand up! Sitting is the new smoking!"

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