smallandpissed's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my closed shop. I closed it because I was sick to death of hearing: "omg, totes adorb!!! I is rich white murican so you will give it to me frees!!! No?!? WAAA!!! I get better at WalMart anyway!!! You suck!"

I forgot that objects and labor are worthless because the first world rides on the back of an invisible slave class (who made that t-shirt you're wearing? How and where do they live? How old are they?). I priced my work so that I would have been making $1.10 an hour, and yet, was constantly told I was overcharging. So, the shop is closed. If you want to buy something or put my work in a show, thanks, just convo me.

My work has been featured on these blogs:

And then I stopped bothering to record them because all those links ever got me was a couple of shows, but no sales.

Items from my shop have been featured in these treasury lists: