smargioni's Shop Announcement

Hi, welcome to my art toolbox, a place to share my designs from various pieces of art in my life. I am an artist at heart, having traveled the world and many of my works reflect my diverse life style and love of life.

I was traditionally trained as an animator and having worked in the industry for over 20 years for clients such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Mattel, Broderbund, Sierra On-line, Mondo Media, Maxis, and others. I've provided them with graphic design, advertising, typography, storyboards, conceptual design, characters, flash, animation, 3d animation, and illustrations.

My vision for the toolbox here in Etsy is a combination of my past experience as an artist working in cartooning and exploring what designs I can create for future clients.

I decided to design my own wedding invitations to save a little money and after realizing that I truly wanted a certain custom style for my own wedding. Plus, my honey really wanted me to create something personal, that was just us. My studio is comprised of various projects always in the works and diving into this new world of wedding invitations and other goodies.

Aside from doing my art and maintaining a design studio, I am an artist, always creating and painting, drawing, making everything I can, whenever possible. Everything from painting on canvas, wood, spray paint, inks, sumi, to staying in the digital realm, working on flyers, invites, posters, conceptual work and graphic design. Feel free to contact me and visit my sites below. Ciao.