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when i was 5 i went around my neighborhood selling pictures i'd drawn for a dollar and a quarter
25 years later the price has gone up but the passion and drive is still there

i started creating my bracelets as a way to expand my knowledge when it came to crystals but and invest in them in a fun way which then grew into friends asking for bracelets and making them into gifts until i realized i enjoyed making things for others outside of the normal content i create with brands

why wildly capable?
i was deciding my word of the year for 2020 and "capable" kept coming up in my hypnosis sessions, shaman healing sessions, my dreams, reiki attunement and more
adding wildly really needs no explanation outside of reminding you that there is no limit to what you are capable of so you might as well just go for it

it took me a long time to actually just go for it with this shop so i am so incredibly grateful for all of you who take time to visit this shop and share with your friends and family

the idea to sell was originally going to be me creating a shop for the bracelets but i realized i was already creating so much more so as i continue to explore this world i'll be adding a little bit of everything to the shop as i also continue to add more to my world and learn more about shamanic practices, color and crystal healing therapies in the courses i'm taking

but ok, so why crystals? what is so special about all this energy you keep hearing about?
well first of all, as kids we all played with rocks and dirt and mud and flowers and walked barefoot and we were the most connected creatures ever when we did this... remember your imaginary friends? they're real i swear
but a teammate of mine asked me to explain crystals to him and it took me a while to explain it beyond "it's an energy you connect to, either you're drawn to a stone or your own energy repels it" but i was struggling to verbalize what i know and this wasn't clicking with him until he explained to me how pilots use and tune into specific frequencies on the radio so they can land planes and fly across the country
the same frequency tuning happens with humans and crystals and energy in general: either our signal is weak or strong with the energy a stone puts off and we are more often drawn to the clear frequencies and those same frequencies are known to have metaphysical properties that do good for our body
there are stones that help shielf emf frequencies

but the bracelets?
each are named after a god or goddess
i first create the combination of crystals and as i do an intention reveals itself
i also channel the names of them and the messaging that goes with them
the bracelets can be worn together if you purchase multiple but often enjoy their own space to shine next to something gold or silver

feel free to send me a message with any custom requests or sizing, etc.

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    here to remind you that you truly are wildly capable of anything and everything i'm an athlete, coach, human, writer, energy worker, but most importantly a creator

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