snarkyama's Shop Announcement

There once was a little girl who loved to say things like "Spank you very much" and "Smello" when her mother asked her to be polite to people. Besides being snarky, she had another great love: soap.

She loved to play with guest-sized soaps, she marveled when the soap would float in the sink at her grandmother’s house, and she convinced her mother to buy many cans of foaming soap to share with her friends, because she loved it so much.
When this little girl grew up, she found that she still liked soap, still liked smelling good and was still kinda snarky (she still wasn't opposed to a little spanking either...but this is another story). Snarkyama wanted to make soaps that people could use to get clean and smell good, but she didn’t want to use harsh chemicals that pretended to do great things when all they really did was get under your skin (and not in a good way).

Snarkyama cared about the planet and all that, but she didn't see any need to go on and on about it. Do-goodery-ness is good...smelling great is better.

So Snarkyama made her own soaps and such with no fluff and no guff, just the good stuff. Snarkyama still likes to share...she just likes to do it in her own way.

Sure Snarkyama’s Cynical Soaps have a little ‘tude, but like Snarkyama herself, they have heart (Just don’t tell her we said that.)

When you get a chance, please visit my other Etsy shop,, handcrafted herbal bath and body. Thanks!