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༂ Fixed Price Shop ༂ 谢绝议价 🙏
✿Christmas Deadline ✿ For international shipping is 30th Nov 2015. Thank you for your kind understanding that i cannot do magic on any international shipping delay.

✿International Shipping✿ All purchases are shipped within 24 hours (except for weekends & holidays). Please read about shipping under shop's policies before you purchase:

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😓 Discounts, Wholesale, Bulk purchase😟
As prices are quoted in terms of material, workmanship, quality and already kept very low, there is no room for further discount. Ditto my shipping fee, as it is inclusive of packaging materials, handling and postage and the lowest in my region. Thank you for your kind understanding that i am not anorexia, not yet immortal, and i too need a proper meal (my only rice bowl). Thank you very much for your little act of kindness for not practicing exploitation.
😣 请合理谅解, 微薄利润, 谢绝议价 🙏
占便宜是盗心, 贫者更贫, 想断贫先断贪. 起心動念頭一個想利己, 自私自利, 是恶念, 逆天理, 即非道. 莫愚的挑战自然规律. 佛不妄语, 因果不空.
应与道同进, 端正自己的德行. 美满人生是心善, 念善, 行善, 老实, 听话, 真幹.

⛔️ Custom Order Restriction
Apologize, i do not accept custom order that are ready to ship, and available for sale from other Etsy sellers. They too need your support, and i too cannot custom made to be any cheaper than them. Thank you very much for not exploiting materials and labour hours, the correct attitude, to make this a better world. Your kindness is very much appreciated.
⛔️ 定制限制
若其他Etsy卖家已有现货, 并可运到您的国家, 恕我谢绝定制. 他们也需要您的支持. 请勿存占便宜的心, 希望从我这可定制得更便宜.  这是恶念, 剥削材料与工时, 不该提倡. 请惜福放下盗心, 您的人生将会更好, 世界也将多个善人, 功德无量. 非常感谢您的善解 🙏