A beautiful retail outlet in Chicago USA that stocks my shower caps and proudly displays them in their front window...
My workplace :) Organised chaos??!!

Quality Made Shower Caps with Style, Colour and Fun!

The idea of creating a good quality shower cap came to me when mine fell apart back in 2002. Shower Caps are something you either use or you dont, seems to be a passed on thing from your Mother I think! Anyway, I had always used one. So, after being inspired to make my own, it took quite some time and a few disasters to find the right materials and "give it a go". It took a while but a perfect model was developed, and initially I made a few as gifts.
It wasnt long before the inspiration came to start a business, which was very exciting, but challenging and a lot of hard work as well. I still put a lot of heart and soul into So Pretty, constantly creating new ideas and increasing the range on offer along the way. It is a never ending cycle but the passion is there and I am a quality nazi so in this regard, my shower caps will never be anything but the best whilst I am at the helm!
Carolyn Kenny
owner, designer, maker, curator
So Pretty Shower Caps began in 2002, with the ambition to offer a wonderful range of quality shower caps. I never tire of sourcing fabulous new fabrics and creating new colour combinations or ideas. Website:

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