Mid-Century Vintage Clothing & Accessories

Flirting with the past...

In classical theatre and opera, the Soubrette is the coquettish maid; the wise-cracking best friend; the woman the heroine needs to watch out for. Saucy, playful, yet always with her wits about her, a Soubrette knows who she is, and certainly isn't afraid of the limelight.

SOUBRETTE VINTAGE is curated to include pieces that exude this same sense of breezy confidence. Every piece in the shop was selected not only for its style or age, but also for the story it inspires -- each item has a history and soul of its own, waiting to be discovered.

I invite you to browse, imagine, and enjoy!
Emma M.
owner, curator, Photography
With a growing collection of vintage treasures, and a desire to do something that I love instead of something just to pay the bills, I launched Soubrette Vintage.