southersalazar's Shop Announcement

Welcome to the shop. Please have a look around!

NOTE: I am very excited for some new projects in 2016. In preparation for that, we have been cleaning, re-organizing, and going through lots of old tucked-away boxes in the studio. Meanwhile, this ol' Etsy shop had gotten quite dusty. I just hadn’t had the time to focus on it for a while, and rather than continuing to apologize to the kind folks asking to see something new on there, I've decided I will likely close it at the end of the year.

But funnily enough, in the process of organizing, we’ve accidentally collected a pretty nice pile of items to restock the shop one last time. Once I saw that, I got sort of excited and nostalgic and ended up reprinting a few batches of some old favorites like the “I Hope I Never Die” t-shirt from 2002 and putting together a little Zine Pack, a collection of 5 silly zines made between 2002-2012. While we were at it, I also finished a few Scrappers that had been slowly growing too.

Some of these things have never been available or at least haven’t been available for a long time. A couple of things I thought were long gone, but then I found stashes that I cleverly hid from myself. 

And a few things are from earlier this year, but I didn’t have a chance to offer them until now.
I think this will be the last time that I will be able to offer any of these things. There are so many other zines that would’ve been fun to reprint too…but they just existed in that moment in time and I don’t have the materials to print them ever again.

I am looking forward to future projects in 2016, and as fun as it was to assemble these things, I’m also excited to go and create new things while the dust is clear!

Have a look around…if you missed something the first time around, I hope you will take this chance to pick it up now.

Thank you,