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SoxAndPatches' Shop Announcement

Welcome to Sox & Patches, a collection of Misfits and one-of-a-kind textile pieces.

Each Monster is unique, just like you. They are intelligent creatures who will keep the boogie man away. Most of the Monsters are from the Genus "Umbilicus Pilosum" & have their trademark hairy bellybutton which is a Sox & Patches identifying feature. Monsters mingle well with other monsters & homo sapiens. They are sociable but are not very loquacious so you do not have to worry that they will talk your ear off. I try to recycle & upcycle materials during the monster making process as much as possible, however ALL fabrics & socks are washed before construction.

A huge "thank you" to SmartWool and Lorpen sock companies that have provided socks for my monster-making. Quality socks make a huge difference in the final product, and these are the best.

Quilts are all hand quilted, not machine quilted, to give that real old fashioned, artisan look. And yes, this takes significantly more time to do! Quilts are made from new or unused vintage 100% cotton fabric & the middle layer or batting is also of cotton for a beautiful, natural finished product. These quilts will become heirlooms, meant to be used & passed down through your family. They will arrive to you pre-washed & ready to use.

As with all hand made items, please ensure that very young children are supervised when playing with their monsters or toys. I hand sew the buttons on as tightly as I can, but a very determined set of tiny teeth & fingers may win out!