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Fine leather wallets

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Announcement    Handmade luxury wallets to honor animals, craftsmanship and yourself.

No chemicals, glues or adhesives.
No machines.
No mass production.

** Best suited for people who buy things once and use them for life.


Last updated on Feb 16, 2020

Handmade luxury wallets to honor animals, craftsmanship and yourself.

No chemicals, glues or adhesives.
No machines.
No mass production.

** Best suited for people who buy things once and use them for life.


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Designed and made in Canada.

We are Canadian, Eh!

We're always sorry.
Everyone plays hockey.
It's free to see a doctor.
It's -75 C in the winter.
Cheese curds on top of fries with gravy is food.
We wear Tuques, not hats.
Average amount of maple syrup cans per household: 2.

--------------- Disposable | Cheap | Soulless | Average | Weak ----------------

A plague fell upon us 40 years ago. Extreme consumption. Things have become disposable. No more commitment. People expect their stuff to break without the possibility or thoughts of fixing them.

Producers make goods disposable rather than durable so that consumers must continue to repurchase the good, earning the producer a steady supply of customers, rather than a one-time purchase. Profit is maximized for the firm when the usefulness of a good is "uneconomically short", because firms can spend the least amount possible creating a non-durable good, which they sell repeatedly to the customer.

Goods are often replaced even before their usefulness runs out. The perceived durability of a good in a throwaway society is often less than its physical durability.

-------------- ARE WE A GOOD FIT FOR YOU ? --------------

Hopefully but not likely. According to the current trend, consumers are not looking for long-term commitments. Our products last a very long time (like parrots and sea turtles). This is because:

1. We only use high-grade saddle leather from a traditional tannery.
2. Hand-stitching is a lifetime commitment as opposed to machine sewn.

--------------- Things you should know about our leather wallets and goods -------------

1. It was hand-stitched with a shoe maker polyester thread called “Tiger thread” in a traditional method called saddle stitching. Each stitch is made of 2 independent threads locked together making the stitches impossible to unravel (unlike the seam on your t-shirt).

2. You might notice yellow deposits in some of the stitch points. It’s all good! It comes from the organic beeswax that the thread was coated with. It protects the thread from the elements. That extra wax will shortly fade away.

3. All the edges of our products have been sealed with organic beeswax. It’s an extra protection against the elements.

4. The natural skin oils from your hands will do most of the care for your wallet. If however you wish to re hydrate the leather because you dropped your wallet in the Arctic sea after fist fighting a polar bear, you can use any mainstream leather oil or grease sold at shoe repair stores or online. Apply a thin coat everywhere. It shouldn’t take long for the fibers to fully absorb the oil.

5. Your wallet was forged with new leather from the Wickett & Craig tannery of America. Their hides exclusively come from North American cattle.

6. As such, you will notice that your new purchase is somewhat stiff. It currently only allows for about 60-75% of its storage capacity. In the upcoming months, if you use it daily, the leather will progressively become more pliable. The card slots will loosen up a little bit and you will be able to carry more cards/bills/paperwork.

7. Some companies will sand (thin) the hides to remove/hide scars and natural markings. Space Cavalry doesn’t wish to hide them. We strongly disagree with this practice and here’s why. Leather is not an inorganic matter like plastic. It comes from a unique animal who was once alive and spirited. The natural markings represent their unique stories. They remind us of their ultimate sacrifice thus why leather products should always be well crafted, rugged and purposeful. Cheap, disposable and mass produced leather products are an insult to their memory. The hides are usually dyed with strong chemicals from malnourished cattle.
Also, it reduces the “tensile strength” of leather as fibers are being suppressed.

Space Cavalry pays tribute to animals by making beautiful products that won’t break.

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Frequently asked questions
What kind of leather do you use?

English Bridle and Harness leather from the Wickett & Craig tannery of North America. Sourced exclusively from North American cattle. The hides are fat-liquored with conditioning oils and waxes. English Bridle and Harness leathers are further hot stuffed, which literally means they’re stuffed to the core with nourishing waxes and tallows for an even deeper concentration of colour and greater durability.

Check them out at:

What kind of thread do you use?

The waxed polyester 1mm Ritza Tiger thread from Julius Koch in Germany. This is the most expensive thread because it's the best. There's none other like this. Specifically designed for hand-sewing professionals. To make it even better we rub the thread again with double filtered beeswax before sewing each product.

Check them out at:

Why hand stitching?

Not to be cool or vintage!

A sewing machine cannot reproduce the strong "saddle stitch" made by human hands.

My four years old daughter can rip appart a 120$ wallet bought from a retail store...that's why we stick to a slower traditional leather work.

I could go to the mall and buy a wallet for 40$

Yes indeed.