sparrowc's Shop Announcement

WELCOME! If you are looking for eye on the sparrow designs, you have to come to the right place. With loads of excitement, starting in 2016, we are now Reciprocity Designs! Reciprocity is the process of giving and receiving- which describes the experience most music lovers have with music perfectly!

We welcome you and are excited to move forward this year with a new direction. As not only a jewelry maker of awesome recycled wares, but an eating disorder therapist, I have the luxury of using equine therapists! This year with the start of Reciprocity Designs will also be the beginning of Reciprocity Farms.

Reciprocity Farms will help throw away race horses learn a new career that will enable them to find new homes. As we are giving to them, they will work as our equine therapy team in teaching clients through their natural communication and mirroring. Each piece of jewelry will go towards supporting these efforts as we watch the meaning of reciprocity in action.

We are grateful to all of those who have purchased designs through eye on the sparrow designs. Your purchases over the years have donated over $7,500 to the Carter Albrecht Music Foundation, an organization who helps high school students receive music scholarships. We have also donated to the fight against Cystic Fibrosis and the National Brain Tumor Society. in addition, we donated over $4,000 to various kickstarter and pledgemusic campaigns in efforts to help musicians voices be heard.

For my dear friend Carter, for which eye on the sparrow designs was originally started- I know you are sitting on the side of the arena working your magic in the hearts of my clients as you did in mine. I am forever grateful.

CUSTOM ORDERS WELCOME! If you don't see your size, let me know. I usually have extra strings on hand from each musician. I can fix you up!

SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC. eye on the sparrow designs is supported by the local music community. Check the 'musician' tab for designs including the name of the musician who has lent their support to the creation of 'restoration'.

WHOLESALE ORDERS accepted. I have a large stock of recycled strings from a local guitar retailer. Contact me for details on wholesale pricing.

VISIT us at for more information.

Thank you to the following musicians for their donations...
James Driscoll, Shibboleth, Chomsky (Dallas, Texas)
Sean Conway, Hello Lover (Dallas, Texas)
John Dufilho, Deathray Davies, I Love Math (Dallas, Texas)
Trish Murphy, Skyrocket (Austin, Texas)
Chris Campbell, The Nightbirds, TX (Greenville, Texas)
Matt Thompson, Quickserv Johnny, (Dallas, Texas)
Keith Killorean, The Drams, The King Bucks (Dallas, Texas)
Ryan Becker, RTB2 (Denton, Texas)
Don Cento, Shibboleth, Trey Johnson, Danny Balis (Dallas, Texas)
Ward Williams, SORTA (Dallas, Texas via Nashville, TN)
Chad DeAtley, Dove Hunter (Dallas, Texas)
Multiple Members, Boxcar Bandits (Dallas, Texas)
Madison King (Dallas, Texas)
Michael Crowder, ELKHART (Dallas, Texas)
Scott Davis, Homespun Remedies (Dallas, Texas)
JD Whittenburg, Eastwood and himself (Dallas, Texas)
Will Woolsey, Airline (Dallas, Texas)
Adam Carter, The FELONS (Dallas, Texas)
Eric Neal, The Slack (Dallas, Texas)
Rob Stave, Boys Named Sue (Dallas, Texas)
Dave Hickmott, The FELONS (Dallas, Texas)
Jeff Dayton, The American Fuse (Dallas, Texas)
Jason Bonner, The Backsliders (Dallas, Texas)
Chris Bonner, The Backsliders (Dallas, Texas)
Sara Hickman (Austin, Texas)
Cory Coleman, A.M. Ramblers (Denton, Texas)
Billy Cassis, Bob Schneider (Austin, Texas)
Todd Deatherage (Austin, Texas)
Erin Austin, OK Sweetheart (Denton, Texas)
Ward Richmond, Boys Named Sue (Dallas, Texas)
Dave Little (Dallas, Texas)
Darin Murphy, Skyrocket (Austin, Texas)
Bruce Hughes, Jason Mraz (Austin, Texas)
Johnny Goudie, ... & the Little Champions (Austin, Texas)
Erica Guagliardi, Here Holy Spain (Dallas, Texas)
Clark Vogeler, The Toadies (Los Angeles, California)
Doni Blair, The Toadies (Fort Worth, Texas)
Todd Lewis, The Toadies (Fort Worth, Texas)
Gordy Quist, Band of Heathens (Austin, Texas)
Ed Jurdi, Band of Heathens (Austin, Texas)
Pete Weise (Denton, Texas)
Ryan Edmonson, Big Rye Little Whiskey (Dallas, Texas)
Nolan Theis, Little Black Dress (Dallas, Texas)
Toby Pipes, Little Black Dress (Dallas, Texas)
Mike Sellman, Lions (Austin, Texas)
Andy Rogers, Oso Closo (Denton, Texas)
Jeremy Megert, Jeremy Megert & the Megalomaniacs (Dallas, Texas)
Eric Swanson, Johnny Lloyd Rollins (Dallas, TX) & Wylie Toms (NY, NY)
John Lefler, Dashboard Confessional (Dallas, TX)
Joey Shanks, Slider Pines (Dallas, Texas)
Josh Campbell, Orange Peel Sunshine (Dallas, Texas)
Jason Manriquez, Fate Lion (Fort Worth, Texas)
Zane Williams (McKinney, Texas)
Aaron Thedford, American Werewolf Academy (Dallas, Texas)
Annie Benjamin, ROCKET GIRL, (Dallas, Texas)
Andrea Roberts, Happy Bullets (Dallas, Texas)
Jonathan Tyler, Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights (Dallas, Texas)
Chris Carraba, Dashboard Confessional (National)
Michael, Somebody's Darling (Dallas, Texas)
Taylor Young, The O's (Dallas, Texas)
Clay Pendergrass (Dallas, Texas)
Amber Farris, Somebody's Darling (Dallas, Texas)
Michael Talley, Somebody's Darling (Dallas, Texas)
Air Review (various members) (Dallas, Texas)
Christy Darlington (Dallas, Texas)
Clay Pendergrass (Dallas, Texas)
Alan Bovee, WarBeast (Dallas, Texas)
Jason Elmore (Dallas, Texas)
Kyle Everett (Fort Worth, Texas)
Randy Senter (Fort Worth, Texas)
Marky Gonzales, Lately (Dallas, Texas)
Zack Busby, Descender (Dallas, Texas)
Aden Bubeck, Miranda Lambert (Fort Worth, Texas)
Salim Nourallah (Dallas, Texas)
Rhett Miller, Old 97's (Dallas, Texas)
Alex Walton (Fort Worth, Texas)


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