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Welcome to eye on the sparrow designs (August 2009). HANDMADE that GIVES BACK. HANDMADE with a PURPOSE. What if purchasing a jewelry design could benefit struggling local musicians and the community (fight.cystic.fibrosis)? Did you know when you purchase a designs from eye on the sparrow designs a donation is made to a kickstarter or pledge music campaign that helps a musician reach their dreams... it all happens one string at a time, one purchase at a time, one record at a time!

With the start of 2013, eye on the sparrow designs has also taken on Cystic Fibrosis. Any piece ordered from the Project CF tab will go to fight cystic fibrosis in honor of Rhett Miller (Old 97's) work with CF. Contributions will made to Team UltraViolet for a little girl from Dallas named Violet who battles CF!

EVERY order will get a copy of The Sparrow Project, CHANGE THE WORLD, Vol. 1. The Sparrow Project, Change The World, Vol. 1, is a 15 song compilation of Dallas musicians put together by Salim Nourallah and released by eye on the sparrow designs. It was created in memory Carter Albrecht, who refused to never give up on the Dallas music scene. Orders of $100 or more will receive a copy of Carter Albrecht's only solo effort, Jesus is Alive... And Living In London!

The mission behind eye on the sparrow designs and The Sparrow Project is to give musicians an opportunity to be heard by people who would otherwise not hear their music. The proceeds from eye on the sparrow designs has funded The Sparrow Project.

Over $6,000 has been donated to the Carter Albrecht Music Foundation. Over $4,000 in donations have been made to kickstarter and pledge music campaigns! Beneficiaries include Jonathan Price, J Charles & the Trainrobbers, and Cory Coleman, Jessie Frye, Becky MIddleton, The O's, and Salim Nourallah. Got one? Let us know.

A little about eye on the sparrow designs... Halfway through recording his first and only solo effort, Jesus Is Alive (And Living In London), the early morning hours of September 3, 2007 left Dallas without one of it’s finest musicians. Carter Albrecht was probably known best for his work with Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians, 5parrow5, and Sorta. Carter believed in local music. This is my way of giving back, connecting music lovers to musicians with the idea of giving money back to the music community. Each string a musician plays tell a story. A story we can capture by wearing a design handmade from a string or set of strings a musicians once played. eye on the sparrow designs has donated over $5,000 to the Carter Albrecht Music Foundation since it began in 2009. I couldn’t do it without your continued help. -- abbie, owner/designer

CUSTOM ORDERS WELCOME! If you don't see your size, let me know. I usually have extra strings on hand from each musician. I can fix you up!

SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC. eye on the sparrow designs is supported by the local music community. Check the 'musician' tab for designs including the name of the musician who has lent their support to the creation of 'restoration'.

WHOLESALE ORDERS accepted. I have a large stock of recycled strings from a local guitar retailer. Contact me for details on wholesale pricing.

VIST us at for more information on The Sparrow Project and retail locations near you!

Thank you to the following musicians for their donations...
James Driscoll, Shibboleth, Chomsky (Dallas, Texas)
Sean Conway, Hello Lover (Dallas, Texas)
John Dufilho, Deathray Davies, I Love Math (Dallas, Texas)
Trish Murphy, Skyrocket (Austin, Texas)
Chris Campbell, The Nightbirds, TX (Greenville, Texas)
Matt Thompson, Quickserv Johnny, (Dallas, Texas)
Keith Killorean, The Drams, The King Bucks (Dallas, Texas)
Ryan Becker, RTB2 (Denton, Texas)
Don Cento, Shibboleth, Trey Johnson, Danny Balis (Dallas, Texas)
Ward Williams, SORTA (Dallas, Texas via Nashville, TN)
Chad DeAtley, Dove Hunter (Dallas, Texas)
Multiple Members, Boxcar Bandits (Dallas, Texas)
Madison King (Dallas, Texas)
Michael Crowder, ELKHART (Dallas, Texas)
Scott Davis, Homespun Remedies (Dallas, Texas)
JD Whittenburg, Eastwood and himself (Dallas, Texas)
Will Woolsey, Airline (Dallas, Texas)
Adam Carter, The FELONS (Dallas, Texas)
Eric Neal, The Slack (Dallas, Texas)
Rob Stave, Boys Named Sue (Dallas, Texas)
Dave Hickmott, The FELONS (Dallas, Texas)
Jeff Dayton, The American Fuse (Dallas, Texas)
Jason Bonner, The Backsliders (Dallas, Texas)
Chris Bonner, The Backsliders (Dallas, Texas)
Sara Hickman (Austin, Texas)
Cory Coleman, A.M. Ramblers (Denton, Texas)
Billy Cassis, Bob Schneider (Austin, Texas)
Todd Deatherage (Austin, Texas)
Erin Austin, OK Sweetheart (Denton, Texas)
Ward Richmond, Boys Named Sue (Dallas, Texas)
Dave Little (Dallas, Texas)
Darin Murphy, Skyrocket (Austin, Texas)
Bruce Hughes, Jason Mraz (Austin, Texas)
Johnny Goudie, ... & the Little Champions (Austin, Texas)
Erica Guagliardi, Here Holy Spain (Dallas, Texas)
Clark Vogeler, The Toadies (Los Angeles, California)
Doni Blair, The Toadies (Fort Worth, Texas)
Todd Lewis, The Toadies (Fort Worth, Texas)
Gordy Quist, Band of Heathens (Austin, Texas)
Ed Jurdi, Band of Heathens (Austin, Texas)
Pete Weise (Denton, Texas)
Ryan Edmonson, Big Rye Little Whiskey (Dallas, Texas)
Nolan Theis, Little Black Dress (Dallas, Texas)
Toby Pipes, Little Black Dress (Dallas, Texas)
Mike Sellman, Lions (Austin, Texas)
Andy Rogers, Oso Closo (Denton, Texas)
Jeremy Megert, Jeremy Megert & the Megalomaniacs (Dallas, Texas)
Eric Swanson, Johnny Lloyd Rollins (Dallas, TX) & Wylie Toms (NY, NY)
John Lefler, Dashboard Confessional (Dallas, TX)
Joey Shanks, Slider Pines (Dallas, Texas)
Josh Campbell, Orange Peel Sunshine (Dallas, Texas)
Jason Manriquez, Fate Lion (Fort Worth, Texas)
Zane Williams (McKinney, Texas)
Aaron Thedford, American Werewolf Academy (Dallas, Texas)
Annie Benjamin, ROCKET GIRL, (Dallas, Texas)
Andrea Roberts, Happy Bullets (Dallas, Texas)
Jonathan Tyler, Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights (Dallas, Texas)
Chris Carraba, Dashboard Confessional (National)
Michael, Somebody's Darling (Dallas, Texas)
Taylor Young, The O's (Dallas, Texas)
Clay Pendergrass (Dallas, Texas)
Amber Farris, Somebody's Darling (Dallas, Texas)
Michael Talley, Somebody's Darling (Dallas, Texas)
Air Review (various members) (Dallas, Texas)
Christy Darlington (Dallas, Texas)
Clay Pendergrass (Dallas, Texas)
Alan Bovee, WarBeast (Dallas, Texas)
Jason Elmore (Dallas, Texas)
Kyle Everett (Fort Worth, Texas)
Randy Senter (Fort Worth, Texas)
Marky Gonzales, Lately (Dallas, Texas)
Zack Busby, Descender (Dallas, Texas)
Aden Bubeck, Miranda Lambert (Fort Worth, Texas)
Salim Nourallah (Dallas, Texas)
Rhett Miller, Old 97's (Dallas, Texas)
Alex Walton (Fort Worth, Texas)


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