SPcreationz ((handmade items from vintage & modern))

The reasons I want to work from home. My sweet children
Most of these were single vintage earrings, now they are fun trendy rings!
taking photos of nature is another one of my passions. I use nature to inspire my pieces
Making fabric flowers are fun! taking photos of them when I am done is just as fun!
I love vintage, it inspires my work! Here are some of my goodies inspired by vintage

Shopaholic finds passion in broken vintage jewelry

I grew up with a mother who taught me how to shop!
Its in my blood. My favorite thing to do on the weekends is go to estate sales in Austin. One day me and my grandma were at a sale and they had an entire tote of vintage jewelry for $75! There were hundreds of pieces in it. We bought it and went home and started sorting! When we were done there were so many single earrings and broken pieces left. I thought some of the single earrings would make cute rings. The half strung broken necklace would make a cute bracelet! That is how the idea of making jewelry came to mind. I started making pieces for myself and soon enough people were asking me if they could buy my pieces. I put my stuff in a local artisan store called the Sassy Pea Market and it went really well. I started making hair pieces and put them in a few salons. I LOVE being creative and my ultimate goal is to be able to do this full time so that I can stay home with my kids like my mom did with me!
I am so thankful to my customers because every time they buy from me they are helping me achieve my dream!
owner, maker, designer
Hi! I am a mom of 3, wife, and Austin jewelry artisan!
I love to make flowers from organza and satin and jewelry from vintage! Nature inspires me as well. I love woodland themes and attention to details! Photography also is passion.