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<> We have a NEW PRODUCT (Lord Buddha Blessings)!



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For our Crystal items, LUMINOUS LIGHT RAY CRYSTALS(sm), we begin with carefully selecting them for their natural attunement level. Crystals hold a consciousness. The mineral kingdom of earth has a global consciousness that connects it to the whole, much the same as humans understand the concept of Oneness within all of Humanity. Within that consciousness crystals hold the role of vibrating certain frequencies to assist humanity. Some crystals do not hold a resonant intention or purpose to have their elemental structure enhanced through also becoming attuned to the Higher Spectrum Light Rays, so we need to communicate with each prospective crystal to see if it has the higher intention to participate before we select it for you. After selection, we then perform our unique process for cleansing, attuning and blessing the crystal in sacred ceremony on private lands of Mount Shasta. We use our private land because we have infused it with a much higher frequency of light than naturally occurs on the public lands of the mountain or surrounding streams and lakes. If you have ever participated in one of our WalkingTerraChrista.com global gathering ceremonies or private teaching classes and felt the energies being transmitted, you already have an idea of the high degree of Pure Ray Energy that each crystal is incorporating. We feel our work within the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Unified Whole Command bringing forth the 22 Rays of God has no equal.

We hope you will also feel the special qualities of Light that each crystal brings to you and your environment. These are powerful crystals that enhance your own spiritual practices but also bring forth the frequencies of the Ascended Master state of consciousness to all those who actively connect to and utilize the crystal.

Rev. Christine Malariessee (previously spelled Meleriessee) and Rev. Michael Ara created Walking Terra Christa Academy for the New Earth in 2011. We are mentors and teachers for interested individuals to assist in creating the New Earth by consciously walking a Pathway of Mastery.

At Walking Terra Christa, we provide teachings, classes, and meditations on a weekly basis on how to be Fifth Dimensional as it is a requirement for the New Earth, “Terra Christa” to fully be attained. We wanted to provide individuals with physical tools that they could utilize in their daily lives to connect with the Ascended Masters and Light Beings along with assisting them on their daily pathway of acceleration and transformation.

Since we live on the physical geography of Mount Shasta, which is considered the Ascension Capital of the World, we wanted to extend the energies of the powerful vortexes within and around the mountain. Crystals are the connection to the Source of Mother Earth, Gaia, which inhabits amazing metaphysical properties that will enhance an individual's life in many ways.

It was a perfect venue to work with the crystals first and then share this gift to someone else. Each LUMINOUS LIGHT RAY crystal is blessed in the waters of Mount Shasta and are part of a special ceremony within our personal medicine wheel. The 22 Rays of God are infused within the crystals representing the 5th dimensional state of consciousness. Rev. Mahlariessee then connects to the elements within each crystal to receive a message on how the crystal wants to work with the individual that will choose their essence.

The SPECTRUM LIGHT RAY SACRED SPRAYS were a product that she provided over a decade ago to assist in creating powerful energies around a person's aura or environment. Each spray has a unique focus to help a person to attune themselves to the light frequencies infused within the Sacred Spray. The first spray we are offering is the "Sacred Space Spray" which in actuality is a much more powerful liquid sage (and more) spray filled with the waters of Mount Shasta enhanced with the essences of the higher dimensional qualities of light representing protection, clearing, transformation, and acceleration. The spray is infused with essential oils of Sage, Hyssop, and Geranium and includes a small clear quartz crystal within the container.

We look forward to serving you our special and unique creations.



Since we are infusing each LUMINOUS LIGHT RAY CRYSTAL with each of the 22 Rays of God, we wanted to provide a basic informational page on each of the rays. We will also share more details about each of the rays with you when you purchase your Luminous Light Ray Crystal or Light Ray Sacred Spray.

The Rays of God are Spectrum's of Light that are emanated from the Source of Light and the God Force to assist humanity. As an individual, we are assigned, so to speak, certain light rays that we work with in our chakra system. As we attune our energies to the higher dimensions, the higher rays become grounded within our four-body system (physical, etheric, emotional, and ment

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    We uniquely bring forth high vibrational attunements and teachings which frequency are infused within these Spectrum Light Ray Creations.

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Crystals products are unique one of a kind items formed naturally in the earth. Markings, veins, grooves, striations, blemishes and other visual surface imperfections are part of the natural beauty. Crystal products are not exchangeable unless they arrive broken at time of delivery and are reported to seller within the 3 day time frame specified. Clusters occasionally lose a crystal from the cluster during shipping which is not considered damage. An exact replacement exchange is not possible for a custom item like a crystal, however, we do our very best to match the type, characteristics, size and value whenever possible.

We personally work with the energies of each exchanged crystal before shipping. Please allow 30 days for shipment.

Care instructions

Each crystal product comes with care and use instructions in the box. Include with purchase is internet access to a special AUDIO MP3 digital download to assist the recipient to attune the crystals energy to their own.